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SwiftStack Joining Nvidia Partner Network 

Autonomous vehicles, healthcare and telecom use cases span large-scale AI/ML data pipelines from edge to core to cloud.

SwiftStack, Inc., in multi-cloud storage and management, announced its participation in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) program as a solution advisor for AI and ML use cases.

SwiftStack offers a storage solution leveraging NVIDIA DGX-1 systems and the NGC container registry of GPU-optimized software. This solution supports large-scale AI/ML and deep learning workflows spanning edge-to-core-to-cloud data pipelines for autonomous-vehicle use cases, among others.


The NPN solution advisor program provides NVIDIA customers access to solutions with knowledge of integration with NVIDIA DGX-1 clusters.

SwiftStack’s AI/ML solution will deliver massive storage parallelism and throughput to NVIDIA GPU compute and NGC.

The use cases are for data ingest, training and inferencing; scale-out namespace for access to data whether on-premises or in one or more clouds; data services, such as tagging, search, and metadata management to support AI/ML workflows.

Complementarily, SwiftStack 1space extends the solution to public cloud to take advantage of cloud-bursting and economies of scale, while data is secured on-premises.

Infrastructure challenges are the primary inhibitor for broader adoption of AI/ML workflows,” said Amita Potnis, research director, IDC’s infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies group. “SwiftStack’s multi-cloud data management solution is the first of its kind in the industry and effectively handles storage I/O challenges faced by edge to core to cloud, large-scale AI/ML data pipelines.

The SwiftStack solution accelerates data pipelines, eliminates storage silos, and enables multi-cloud workflows, thus delivering faster business outcomes“, said Shailesh Manjrekar, head of AI/ML solutions marketing and corporate development, SwiftStack. “Joining NVIDIA’s Partner Network program builds upon the success we are seeing with large-scale AI/ML data pipeline customers and endorses our value to these environments.

NVIDIA AI solutions are used across transportation, healthcare and telecommunication industries,” said Craig Weinstein, VP, Americas partner organization, NVIDIA. “Our high-performance computing platform needs fast storage and SwiftStack brings on-premises, scale-out, and geographically distributed storage that makes them a good fit for our NPN Solution Advisor Program.