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Tintri by DDN Assigned Patent

Native storage quality of service for VMs

Tintri by DDN, Inc., Chatsworth, CA, has been assigned a patent (10,318,197) developed by Sakdeo, Sumedh V., San Jose, CA, Lee, Edward K., Dublin, CA, and Salmon, Brandon W., Menlo Park, CA, for a “native storage quality of service for virtual machines.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: Techniques to satisfy quality of service, (QoS) requirements on a per virtual machine basis natively in a storage system are disclosed. In various embodiments, for each of a plurality of virtual machines a corresponding input/output, (I/O) request queue is stored on the storage system. Requests are scheduled to be pulled from the respective request queues and added to a corresponding storage operation pipeline at the storage system in an order determined based at least in part on a per virtual machine quality of service parameter.

The patent application was filed on April 6, 2016 (15/092,345).