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Vembu Expands Into South Africa

Through partnership with Robinson Distribution

Vembu Technologies Pvt Ltd., in the backup and DR market, has announced a partnership with Robinson Distribution Ltd (RD), a distributor in South Africa.

As a result, the distributor can provide its customers, backup and DR solutions for VMs, Windows Servers, Workstations, and SaaS applications at affordable pricing.

Below are excerpts from the interview with Dirk Robinson, manager, RD.

Tell us briefly about your company?
“RD is a distribution company based in South Africa, with over 200 dedicated partners providing business critical ICT solutions to customers in the Africa and South Africa region. We are a solution provider to small, medium and large corporate clients with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our main focus is on providing clients with solutions able to solve business-critical problems.”

What kinds of products and services you offer?

  • WatchGuard – Firewall and Wireless Solutions
  • Nagios – Network Monitor Solution
  • Avir – AntiVirus
  • and a few more similar solutions.

What was the reason behind choosing Vembu as your strategic partner in South Africa?
“We evaluated several solutions to provide our customers with a complete backup solution with the Cloud option. Vembu provided such a complete solution- Vembu BDR Suite, with cloud and DR options. Vembu’s ease of use and friendly, simple interface would ease client migration from other complex solutions. Vembu also offers an MSP solution that will fit well with our existing partners.”

How do you think your customers can achieve optimal BC upon implementation of Vembu BDR Suite in their environments?
With the move toward the cloud, we have most of our client base looking for solutions that do not rely on on-premises hardware and an internal IT component. They need a reliable easy to use and more so a handoff backup solution able to provide them with a reliable backup solution. 

What do you tend to achieve by partnering with Vembu?
Vembu will allow RD to add a leader backup solution to our portfolio and also allow us to provide a more complete prof, to our existing customers. This solution will address the need for a complete backup solution. 

Can you tell us about your joint strategy along with Vembu in your territories?
The Vembu product is not a new brand, we expect this to count in the product introduction favor. That said: we need to send a message out to the market of the available channel for the region, this can be done through campaigns, social media, etc. 

What do you think are the challenges ahead for your business and how you would like to overcome them?
Moving partners from competitor products to Vembu, the great trust of the product and brand, and providing a financial benefit. 

What would you like to say about Vembu’s AcePartner program?
With our limited experience in the program, all I can add is the service and support we received was very professional and friendly. We look forward to working with Vembu.

Tell us about the technical and sales/support training provided by Vembu as a part of AcePartner program?
I have experience with the sales and support staff and for us working with so many suppliers across the globe, I have to say Vembu got it right the way they treat new customers and potential partners. Excellent service.