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Toshiba VMware vSAN Certification for RM5 Series 12Gb SAS SSDs

Compatible with Dell EMC PowerEdge platforms

Toshiba Memory America, Inc. (TMA), U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corporation, announced its RM5 Series SAS SSDs has earned VMware, Inc.‘s vSAN 6.7 certification running in Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

Toshiba Rm5 Ssd Dell Emc Poweredge Server

Designed to replace enterprise SATA SSDs in server applications, the RM5 Series delivers more than twice the performance per dollar (1) of SATA SSDs at a similar price point. This certification enables 12Gb RM5 Series SSDs to be shared across connected hosts in a vSphere cluster, allowing users to pool SSDs together in a single, distributed shared data store.

VMware vSAN 6.7 certification is the most current vSAN compatibility with server-side support for Dell PowerEdge servers. Users can have confidence that RM5 Series SSDs will operate on server platforms running a vSAN solution. These SSDs deliver faster, lower latency storage performance vs. enterprise SATA SSDs, as validated through benchmark testing (2). The results showcase that a vSAN cluster configured with RM5 drives delivered up to 40% higher application performance in a TPC-C-like workload environment.

We are pleased to collaborate closely with Toshiba Memory America to certify a new class of SSD for the fast-growing hyper-converged infrastructure industry,” said Lee Caswell, VP, products, storage and availability business unit, VMware. “Storage performance has never been more critical, especially now that VMware vSAN is certified for the highest-performance in-memory databases. Customers looking for higher value and better performing solutions than SATA can look to Toshiba Memory’s RM5 Series of 12Gb/s value SAS SSDs.

Achieving VMware certification provides our RM5 value SAS SSD customers with the value, performance and confidence they need when deploying a vSAN solution,” said Alvaro Toledo, VP, SSD marketing and product planning, Toshiba Memory America. “Based on validation testing, our RM5 SSDs demonstrated 45% more orders per minute for every dollar (3) than enterprise SATA SSDs – enabling customers to take advantage of this added value at a competitive price point.

RM5 Series 12Gb value SAS SSDs with VMware vSAN 6.7 and ESXi 6.7 certification are listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide (4) and are shipping through Dell EMC PowerEdge server sales.

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Toshiba Rm5 Ssd Spectabl

(1) From the Principled Technologies Report entitled, Get better analytics performance for a lower cost with value SAS and data center NVMe SSDs from Toshiba Memory, page 5.
(2) System-level OLTP benchmarking conducted by Toshiba Memory America, Inc. included RM5 Series SSDs (960GB capacities) and enterprise SATA SSDS (960GB capacities), in an emulated OLTP environment. Results were based on three runs that tested average transactions per minute and overall disk latency (microseconds). Read and write speed may vary, as well as latency, depending on the host device, read and write conditions, and benchmark programs. Toshiba Memory defines 1GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes. Sequential read and write performance, and latency, mentioned herein are reference data, and may vary from the RM5 product data in the datasheet.
(3) From the Principled Technologies Report entitled, Discover life after SATA with value SAS SSDs from Toshiba Memory, page 4
(4) The VMware Compatibility Guide

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