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History (1988): Seagate Top Paid Executives

David Mitchell, Doug Mahon and Al Shugart at more than $1 billion per year

Seagate Technology (Scotts Valley, CA) is the first independent HDD manufacturer in the world, but is also undeniably the one who has the best paid executives, if you refer to the survey published in Electronic Business (October 15, 1988) entitled “Power pay: how the big guys made even more money. “

Among the hundred highest-paid executives, Seagate’s chiefs are listed fifth, sixth, seventh and forty third.

In storage industry, only George M. Scalise (Maxtor) is in the hundred highest-paid.

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Seagate History 1988

This article is an abstract of news published on the former paper version of Computer Data Storage Newsletter on issue ≠9, volume ≠1, published on October 1988.