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Buffalo TeraStation 51210RH 12-Bay and 5410RN 4-Bay Rac Up to 144TBkmount NAS

€5,450 for TS51210RH4804EU, €11,800 for TS51210RH14412EU, €1,489 for 5410RN

Buffalo EU B.V. announced additional models of their NAS rackmount devices TeraStation 51210RH and TeraStation 5410RN.

Buufalo Nas

The 12-bay model TS51210RH is available in a partially populated configuration with four 12TB NAS-grade HDDs for a total storage space of 48TB, or fully populated with twelve 12TB drives for 144TB.

The 4-bay rackmount model TS5410RN receives a partially populated option with two 8TB HDDs for a total of 16TB disk space and two free expansion slots.

The TeraStation 5010 range has been built for SMBs that require an easy-to-set-up and cost-effective 10GbE NAS solution. The TS5010 series supports iSCSI at enterprise network speeds and can run multiple concurrent services with minimal performance degradation. This NAS series also supports hybrid cloud backup services with Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Dropbox/Dropbox Business, and Amazon S3.

Three models are available:

Buffalo Ts5410rn

  • TeraStation 5410RN – 4-bays – partially populated

      • TS5410RN1602-EU- rackmount, partially populated, 2x8TB, 2x1GbE, 1x10GbE, RAID JBOD/0/1/5/6/10 (€1,489 incl. VAT)

Buffalo Ts51210rh

  • TeraStation TS51210RH – 12-bays – partially/fully populated

      • TS51210RH4804EU – rackmount, partially populated, 4x12TB, 2x1GbE, 1x10GbE, RAID JBOD/0/1/5/6/10 (€5,449 incl. VAT)

      • TS51210RH14412EU – rackmount, fully populated, 12x12TB, 2x1GbE, 1x10GbE, RAID JBOD/0/1/5/6/10 (€11,799 incl. VAT)

The TeraStation 5010 series is available in partially and fully populated configurations (depending on the model) with two, four, eight or twelve bays and as desktop and server rackmount variant (4-bay and 12-bay only).

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Buffalo Ts5010 Spectabl

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