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Datavore Labs Assigned Patent

Expert system and data analysis tool utilizing data as concept

Datavore Labs, Inc., New York, NY, has been assigned a patent (10,275,305) developed by Venkateswarulu, Sanjay, Jersey City, NJ, and Perlman-Garr, Jake, New York, NY, for an “expert system and data analysis tool utilizing data as a concept.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: Methods and systems are provided for a tool that operates on a local user machine that is coupled to a remote storage. Data may be aggregated by the tool by combining raw data from multiple sources with different file types, where the data is stored in remote storage. Concepts and relationships existent within the inputted/loaded data may be learned by the tool. The data may be reconciled using the tool by a process of data scrubbing. The data may be analyzed using data manipulation techniques and statistical analysis. The work data flow from the data analysis may be captured by the tool and stored in the remote storage for later use. Visualizations, (e.g., charts and graphs) may be generated by the tool for the analyzed data.

The patent application was filed on November 6, 2015 (14/934,246).