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Druva Assigned Patent

Time-based data retirement for globally de-duped archival storage

Druva Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Singapore, has been assigned a patent (10,275,317) developed by Borate, Milind, and Deshkar, Shekhar S., Pune, India, for a “time-based data retirement for globally de-duplicated archival storage.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: Data from computing devices is backed-up regularly, storing a snapshot of the data and corresponding metadata in a data store. The backup data are stored for a relatively short period of time before being archived to long-term storage. For snapshots with files with identical data that are not archived together, archive storage space and computing resources may be conserved by not storing duplicates of the data. When the data is added to the archive storage, the archive storage location is added to backup reference entries for other files with identical data. When all files referencing an archive storage location are expired from the backup data store, an archive retention period is initiated, and an entry is added to a time-based archive expiration database indicating the storage location and an expiration time for the archived data. At the expiration time, the archived data is designated for deletion from the archive.

The patent application was filed on March 16, 2016 (15/071,482).