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DataLocker EMEA Branch in Netherlands

For faster logistics and simpler processes for distributors and resellers

US storage security specialist DataLocker Inc.. continues to expand in Europe and distributors will be supported with immediate effect by a newly founded branch based in Sittard near Maastricht, the Netherlands.

DataLocker B.V. enables shorter distances and faster processes in the logistics of its solutions. Distributors and resellers benefit from the new warehouse within the EU, reduced shipping costs, lower import costs and a simpler handling of RMA processes. Short-term price fluctuations caused by current exchange rates are also a thing of the past.

DataLocker has grown very strongly in Europe in recent years – overall global sales have almost quadrupled in the past three years,” says Konstantin Fröse, EMEA account executive, DataLocker, responsible for the German-speaking market. “The foundation of the new company DataLocker B.V. especially for the European market is a logical consequence of this. For our partners, this means significant improvements in logistics and support. Resellers who so wish can also look forward to even more comprehensive service offerings in the future when it comes to supporting projects and marketing measures.

Parallel to the launch of the new European subsidiary, DataLocker also offers partners special discounts of up to 10% (which are taken into account via the distribution invoice) for projects in the education and healthcare sectors. The special conditions can, for example, be used by resellers operating in the area of universities, hospitals and comparable institutions.

DataLocker specializes in secure, hardware-encrypted storage solutions and matching USB device management tools. The product portfolio includes the compact USB micro SSD drive DataLocker Sentry K300 with integrated display and alphanumeric keyboard, the DataLocker Sentry USB sticks and the external USB HDDs of the DataLocker DL3, H300 and H350 product series.

Resellers can order DataLocker solutions in German-speaking countries via the distributors Ingram Micro, Inc. and ProSoft GmbH.