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Cohesity Swallows Imanis Data

In enterprise backup and data management for distributed databases

Cohesity Inc., in hyperconverged secondary storage, acquired Imanis Data, Inc., in enterprise backup and data management for distributed databases.

Through this acquisition, Cohesity customers will get broader support to easily backup and instantly recover Hadoop and NoSQL workloads and supporting databases, including MongoDB. This adds to firm’s already capabilities for backup and instant recovery of traditional databases such as Oracle and SQL, along with virtual, cloud, and physical workloads.

Additionally, Imanis Data customers will have the option to access Cohesity’s data management capabilities that make backup data productive and offer simplicity for archiving, DR, ransomware prevention, testing and development, and more – all within a single solution. By combining capabilities from both companies, Cohesity will be able to offer a software-defined data management solution for NoSQL and Hadoop data residing on-premises or in the public cloud.

Today, numerous Fortune 500 companies rely on solutions from Imanis Data to protect big data workloads. Its customer base extends across an array of verticals including financial services, insurance, retail, and transportation. Unlike legacy data management products, its solutions are architected for petabyte scale, are data-aware, and are powered by ML to reduce cost, minimize risk, and enable insight across large data sets. This approach complements Cohesity’s focus on helping companies utilize innovation to unlock the power of their data.

Cohesity’s acquisition of Imanis Data advances our mission to transform the way that enterprises backup, store, manage, and derive insights from their secondary data, no matter its type or where it resides,” said Mohit Aron, founder and CEO, Cohesity. “NoSQL databases will likely experience double-digit growth over the next five years, and as enterprises continue to embrace these modern workloads, Cohesity can help ensure the data is protected by a simple web-scale solution that can also empower organizations to do much more with their data.

Solving Mass Data Fragmentation Challenges
Enterprises are increasingly taking advantage of new distributed databases, but doing so has created additional data silos that require separate backup solutions, further exacerbating the problem of mass data fragmentation. Cohesity addresses this problem by empowering customers to consolidate both traditional and modern workloads on a single, scale-out platform that spans on-premises and cloud infrastructure. By combining Imanis Data’s ML powered approach to data management with the Cohesity DataPlatform, customers can eliminate the need for separate data and infrastructure silos for their NoSQL and Hadoop workloads and manage all their data from a single pane of glass.

We have been very impressed with Imanis Data’s technology, people, and support, and this acquisition further increases their value to customers,” said Eric Gutmann, manager of infrastructure, MDL autoMation. “Imanis Data’s leadership in Hadoop and NoSQL data management combined with Cohesity’s leadership in modern backup and recovery will create an unbeatable solution.”

Adding the capabilities of Imanis Data to the Cohesity platform should be a very positive move for Cohesity as IT organizations increasingly embrace big data workloads and need more efficient ways to backup, manage, and gather insights from all their secondary data,” said Phil Goodwin, research director, IDC. “The combined solution helps breaks down traditional infrastructure silos for NoSQL and Hadoop workloads and is intended to make it easier and less expensive for companies to deploy and protect big data technologies.”

Imanis Data is available as an application in the Cohesity MarketPlace, making it simple for customers to protect all of their Hadoop and NoSQL distributed databases, including MongoDB, Cassandra, Cloudera, CouchbaseDB, and Hbase, on one platform. As part of the acquisition, the Imanis Data team is joining Cohesity to support and develop new capabilities for Cohesity under the leadership of Imanis’ co-founder and co-CEO, Nitin Donde.

We are excited to join the Cohesity team as we believe our technology is not only complementary in nature but combined, provides a best-in-class offering for customers who want to do more with their data,” he said Donde. “Imanis Data’s technology fits perfectly within Cohesity’s vision to eliminate mass data fragmentation by bringing all secondary workloads together on a single platform.


We already saw the same kind of event in February 2018 when Rubrik acquired Datos IO. In this group of new generation data protection players, gorillas manage their destiny and Cohesity swallows Imanis Data for the same reason Rubrik picked Datos IO, they're looking for the expertise in data protection for distributed applications.

Datos IO and Imanis Data have developed an expertise and anticipated a market need long time before others. I anticipated this move and wrote a post about it in February 2018 when Rubrik targeted Datos IO.

It's also a missed opportunity for others players such Veritas, Commvault and even Dell EMC and IBM that continue to be seen as followers even with huge installed base. But Rubrik and Cohesity have really shaken market positions, just asked the list of players mentioned above and you'll see their reaction.

Cohesity didn't wait and already added Imanis Data on its product page.

It follows the addition of Imanis Data on Cohesity marketplace a few weeks ago. Look at this super weak list, just count how many Cohesity are present and others, almost a joke.

To close the loop, Imanis Data was started as Talena in 2013 and raised $27.6 million in three rounds. Renamed in 2017 Imanis Data, the company was invisible from the market spending time to develop a solution in the background. The Rubrik acquisition of Datos IO suddenly invited them to exit the fog. A new CEO came at that time, John Mracek, to revitalize the company aligned with the series B of $13.5 million. He has an interesting track record but no data management or storage experiences, far from the industry dynamics. Finally the story ends pretty well. We'll see how the usual suspects of the category will react now as both Rubrik and Cohesity grow the gap with this group.

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