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Catalogic Reseller of ProLion

Austrian provider of value-adding tools for NetApp storage

Catalogic Software, Inc., a developer of data protection solutions, entered into a strategic partnership with ProLion GmbH, an Austrian provider of value-adding tools for NetApp, Inc.‘s storage environments.

Catalogic will collaborate with ProLion in bringing to market data security and data management solutions focused initially on the NetApp ecosystem. As part of this arrangement, Catalogic has acquired exclusive rights to bring to market ProLion’s software portfolio in North America.  

We are very happy to be adding the ProLion products to our portfolio,” said Ken Barth, CEO, Catalogic. “We have a long history of partnering with NetApp and providing solutions for NetApp customers. As we focus our development teams on expanding our data protection and OEM solutions, ProLion’s tools help us address critical needs in the NetApp ecosystem that we are very familiar with.

The agreement covers three ProLion products: 

  • CryptoSpike provides ransomware detection and prevention for NetApp file environments. Using a multi-pronged approach, It protects file shares from ransomware, and allows administrators to recover data held at a ransom by integrating with NetApp snapshots.
  • RestoreManager is a scalable file index that enables easy file search and restore for NetApp file data. It can keep up with your day to day snapshots to allow for operational recovery as well as search for legal and compliance reasons.
  • DataAnalyzer provides data analysis for NetApp file environments. Intuitive reports offer insight into file data, such as storage consumption by file type, age and owner. It is a data management solution to provide proactive visibility and control into unstructured data. 

Partnering with Catalogic is an excellent way for ProLion to expand into the North American market,” said Robert Graf, CEO, ProLion. “Catalogic has a long history of providing valuable solutions to NetApp users and resellers. It’s a perfect fit.

ProLion solutions are available from Catalogic.