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Pavilion Data Systems Assigned Patent

Recovery mechanism for low latency metadata log

Pavilion Data Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, has been assigned a patent (10,191,812) developed by Dantkale, Suhas, Cupertino, CA, Satish, Venkeepuram R., Fremont, CA, and Govindasamy, Raghuraman, San Jose, CA, for a “recovery mechanism for low latency metadata log.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: A storage server includes an IO controller, a management controller and physical drives. The IO controller generates multiple metadata updates and writes a cache entry that includes the multiple metadata updates to a first cache in memory of the management controller. The IO controller additionally writes a copy of the cache entry to a second cache in a memory of the IO controller and increments a commit pointer in the first and second caches to indicate that the metadata updates are committed.

The patent application was filed on March 30, 2017 (15/475,100).