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Quantum: Latest Xcellis Appliances Powered by StorNext for Video Workflows

With enhanced networking configurability and higher performance hardware  

Quantum Corp. announced the latest Xcellis appliances powered by StorNext, the firm’s file system.

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Quantum Xcellis shared-storage-diagram

These offerings reinforce Xcellis as the solution to ingest, edit, share and store media content and provide an improved technical foundation for organizations to run their operations.

These appliances are based on a next-generation server architecture that includes dual 8-core Xeon CPU’s, 64GB memory, SSD boot drives, and dual 100GbE or 32Gb FC ports. The enhanced CPU and 50% increase in RAM over the previous generation improve StorNext metadata performance. These enhancements make tasks such as file auditing less time intensive, support an even number of clients per node, and enable the management of billions of files per node. Customers operating in a dynamic application environment on storage nodes will also see performance improvements.

Quantum xcellis scale-out-nas-for-all-ip-workflows

Network capabilities for greater productivity
From post-houses to cutting-edge autonomous vehicle engineering firms, organizations are turning to the latest networking technologies to attain the most cost-effective storage solutions. With the latest 100GBE and 32Gb FC connectivity options, customers will be able to utilize the latest generation networking infrastructure between their clients and storage arrays, thereby accelerating workflows and improving productivity. Combined with StorNext’s capability to provide a coordinated file accessibility over NAS, SAN, and DLC architectures, the platform offers industry architectural flexibility.

Quantum xcellis_nas

Next-generation Xcellis advantages:

  • Unified access across geographies: With the ability to provide cross-protocol locking for shared files across SAN, NFS, and SMB, it is a solution for organizations that have collaborative workflows and need to share content across both FC and Ethernet.

  • Unparalleled video playback performance: It has been trusted to deliver the performance needed for increasingly demanding applications and higher resolution content. Now leveraging the benefits that come with an improved next-generation hardware platform, StorNext will provide even higher levels of streaming performance for video playback, with even greater reliability.

  • Cost-effectively preserve massive amounts of data: Xcellis appliances provide a gateway for StorNext advanced data management software to integrate tiers of massively scalable on-premise and cloud-based storage. This end-to-end capability provides a cost-effective solution to retain massive amounts of data.

  • Integrated data protection functionality: StorNext offers features that ensure data-protection of valuable content over its entire life-cycle. Customers can copy files to off-site tiers and take advantage of versioning to roll back to an earlier point in time (prior to a malware attack, for example) as well as set up automated replication for DR purposes – all of which is designed to protect digital assets.

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Quantum StorNext Scale-out Storage

Billy Russell, VP and CTO, Alliance Integrated Technology, said: “Our customers are continually looking for ways to maximize the performance of their Shared Storage Solutions while at the same time, reduce the cost of ownership as part of their overall storage infrastructure spend. The Xcellis family of products offers the most flexible configurations for performance and scalability with both FC and Ethernet options, providing performance regardless of a customer’s network environment choice. In the end, the overall flexibility of the solution stack allows a win-win for the end customer.

Brent Angle, CTO, Cinesys-Oceana, said: “Quantum’s high-performance storage portfolio is the best in the industry for video playout, and the latest Xcellis offerings are coming at a time when our customers in dynamic application environments increasingly rely on high-performance storage. We are excited to see something already great become even better.

Eric Bassier, senior director, product marketing, Quantum, said: “The new Xcellis offerings demonstrate the continued investment Quantum is making in its high-performance storage portfolio. Our file system is uniquely designed for video and video-like data. We’ve been honing it for over 15 years, and we are obsessed with maintaining our leadership position. These new platforms are designed to enable customers to fully realize the benefits of the features offered by StorNext.

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Quantum Xcellis Storage Arrays models

Latest Xcellis appliances are available.

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