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Elastifile Persistent Storage for Kubernetes With Release of Container Storage Interface Driver

Support for dynamic provisioning of container volumes via software driver compliant with CSI spec

Elastifile Ltd. announced support for dynamic provisioning of container volumes via a software driver compliant with the Container Storage Interface (CSI) specification.

The availability of this driver delivers, standardized integration between its Cloud File System and container orchestration platforms, such as Kubernetes.

With container technologies widely recognized as the cloud-era standard for workload scaling and application mobility, organizations are increasingly seeking to support container-based workflows. In particular, the desire to containerize a diverse spectrum of enterprise applications has highlighted the need for reliable, container-friendly, persistent storage. However, to effectively complement today’s cloud-centric container orchestration platforms, persistent storage solutions must blend reliability and scalability with a simple, cloud-native user experience. The introduction of the company’s CSI driver addresses these needs by augmenting containerized workflows with highly-available, scalable NFS file storage delivered via the firm’s Cloud File System and with no complex, manual storage provisioning required.

Enterprises have embraced containers as a common foundation for workflows in the public cloud and spanning hybrid clouds,” said Dr. Allon Cohen, VP, business development and cloud solutions, Elastifile. “Now, with data persistence emerging as a crucial enabler for expanded usage, Elastifile’s CSI driver is supporting widespread adoption by simplifying the integration of reliable, scalable file storage.

The company’s CSI driver further complements the firm’s portfolio of cloud-native data management technologies, including Cloud File System and ClearTier automated object tiering. This driver is natively compatible with all CSI-enabled orchestration platforms and can be deployed in minutes with no storage expertise.

This solution is available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and bare metal on-premises environments, with Microsoft Azure availability coming soon.

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