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Arcserve Third Gen Appliance Series Integrated On-Appliance and Offsite DR, Backup and HA

Powered by Unified Data Protection software, up to 504TB of data per appliance and managing up to 6PB through single interface

Arcserve, LLC announced its third generation Appliance Series, a purpose-built appliances designed for DR and application availability to provide organizations with an all-in-one option for on-appliance and offsite backup and DR that can be deployed in under 15 minutes.

Arserve appliance rack

Powered by the company’s Unified Data Protection (UDP) software, the series bundles flash-accelerated deduplicated storage, robust server processing, and high-speed networking with high-redundant hardware and cloud services that enable companies to spin up copies of physical and virtual systems directly on the appliance, and in private or public clouds. Companies may also leverage real-time replication with automatic and push-button failover and failback through the appliances to protect mission-critical systems, applications and data.

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Arserve Appliance 9000 series

Ensuring application availability is challenging for IT teams, as illustrated by the firm’s recent survey which found that only 26% of IT decision-makers are extremely confident in their ability to recover. Further, a survey from IDC found that 43% of IT decision-makers plan to move to an on-premises private cloud and 37% intend to move to a hosted private cloud over the next 24 months. Arcserve removes the ‘do it yourself’ complexity of orchestrating a hybrid strategy for DR and application availability.

As organizations evolve to meet the needs of digital consumers, tackling the cost and complexity of DR is becoming more urgent,” said Phil Goodwin, research director, IDC. “We’ve seen more companies seeking hybrid environments to better manage costs and seamlessly achieve recovery. By bundling DR with its appliance offering, Arcserve is pivoting from competitive approaches to provide a turnkey path to application availability. This approach simplifies DR and makes better utilization of infrastructure resources.

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Arserve appliance how it works

Appliances offer companies:

  • Integrated on-appliance and cloud-based DR with up to 20 CPU cores and 768GB RAM

  • Larger capacity to protect up to 504TB of data per appliance and to manage up to 6PBs through a single interface

  • Up to 20:1 deduplication ratio with WAN-optimized replication to private and public clouds, including the Arcserve Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, and Rackspace

  • Increased reliability with onsite hardware support in four hours, and high redundancy hardware with dual CPUs, SSDs, power supplies, HDDs and RAM

  • Ease of use to install and configure in less than 15 minutes

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Arcserve Appliance-9000 Series

For years, we’ve relied on Arcserve’s award-winning solutions to protect critical infrastructures from data loss while saving companies time and money,” said Todd Crystal, president, Spencomp Solutions Inc.The new Appliance Series will help us meet growing demand for hybrid onsite and cloud-based backup and DR without the extreme cost and complexity typically associated with implementing a cohesive strategy.

We have a significant volume of data that underpins a whole variety of business operations. If any of it was lost, our employees, customers and business operations could be severely disrupted,” said Anil Kumar, chief IT manager, Fujifilm India. “We tested Arcserve very vigorously and were impressed by how easy the appliances are to use. As we expand our use of Arcserve products, including the next generation of its appliances, I am confident our data will stay protected to accelerate our company’s growth.

Fujifilm India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of global giant Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, uses the second generation of the company’s appliance to protect 25 servers and 6TB of data across all of its locations.

Oussama El-Hilali, VP, products, Arcserve, adds, “Our customers and partners told us they needed a more efficient approach to multi-tier data protection, so we made sure that was a priority with our new generation of appliances. This new series is particularly unique because it allows companies to spin up copies of VMs directly on-appliance. However, there are some cases where on-appliance recovery won’t work – like if a data center is lost in a flood, fire or other natural disaster. In that case, our appliances also allow companies to recover by running applications in VMs from the cloud. So, no matter the scenario, Arcserve can provide a bespoke approach to application availability.

The third generation appliance series is available to purchase.

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Arcserve Appliance-9000 Series