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Samsung: Up to 512GB MicroSD EVO Plus for Content Creators

32GB for $200, up to 100/90MB/s RW speeds

People share their lives through pictures and video taken on their smartphones and cameras, whether that’s moments from a vacation or their daily lives.

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Samsung EvoPlus microSD_EVO plus series

Devices have quickly evolved to allow anyone to become a content creator, capturing and sharing high-resolution and 4K content.

Since content is easy to capture, people need the right storage options to help meet their needs, that’s why the company is introducing the Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 512GB microSDXC EVO Plus. This memory card delivers more storage in a tiny package, to give people the freedom to save more content on their smartphones, cameras, tablets, drones, and more.

The 512GB microSDXC EVO Plus is equipped with a full-size SD card adapter for multi-device flexibility. Pairing the card with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 creates the solution for content creators, who can now bolster their phone’s storage capacity to 1TB.

The larger capacity memory card also provides enough storage for up to 24 hours of 4K UHD video, 78 hours of Full-HD video and can hold 150,300 photos.

With read/write speeds of up to 100/90MB/s, less time is spent waiting for uploads or downloads and more time is spent capturing or editing content. Users can even play footage back on 4K TVs or monitors without delays.

Samsung EvoPlus microSD_EVO plus series

Experiences and memories are irreplaceable. That’s why each card has four-proof protection to withstand extreme conditions including seawater submersion, extreme temperatures and magnetic fields. The company provides a limited warranty of up to ten years, so users can be confident their data is protected and their memory card has a long lifespan ahead.

The MicroSDXC EVO Plus card also comes in 32, 64, 128 and 256GB capacities, starting at $199.99.