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Open-E: Update 27 of ZFS-Based JovianDSS

Better performance, security and reliability

Open-E, Inc. updated for its ZFS- and Linux-based Open-E JovianDSS data storage software.

The update 27 is free of charge for all software users and it can be downloaded on the company’s website.

The update 27 contains updates and fixes that improve its compatibility and performance, as well as the overall storage management and monitoring of the product.

The improvements in the software include:
• Local LDAP users and groups authentication for SMB /CIFS protocol
• Support for NVMe disks in High Availability Metro Cluster (Cluster over Ethernet)
• Support for three ZFS pools in High Availability Cluster
• File-IO write-back and write-through modes for iSCSI LUNs
• Block-IO mode for FC volumes
• Support for Broadcom BCM573xx and Broadcom BCM574xx controllers (bnxt v.1.8.54)
• Additional system tuning option in TUI
• Emergency option to disable ZFS pools import during system start
• Additional system log for optimization report for Mellanox Ethernet/Infiniband Adapters
• Password modification for Adaptec MaxView and Broadcom MSM tools

With update 27 Open-E JovianDSS has been expanded with a set of new functionalities to make the software even more user-friendly,” said Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president, Open-E. “Our ZFS-based software is now more reliable and secure not only because of the new features, but also thanks to new drivers and a range of other fixes.”