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Violin Systems Completes Acquisition X-IO Storage

Developer of ISE flash and hybrid storage arrays

Violin Systems LLC completes acquisition of X-IO Storage, developer of the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) flash and hybrid storage array product lines. 

It acquires X-IO’s products and engineering team, as well as retains X-IO’s service process and organization to manage the existing customer installed base of more than 8,000 X-IO arrays.
Violin Systems will add X-IO ISE arrays to its flash storage product lineup, meeting the needs of a greater variety of customers and providing the industry with a range of solutions spanning from terabytes to multiple petabytes with enterprise performance, features, and reliability. Ultimately it intends to integrate its own extreme performance technology with X-IO price-performance value to deliver transformational economics for organizations of any size.

Violin’s performance platform enables a infrastructure cost savings and cost avoidance of 40% or more by reducing the number of servers and cores needed. Consolidated hardware in the data center means less power and cooling requirements, less management and a reduced need for the number of software and application licenses. With improvement in application performance, there is an equally improvement in the experience of the applications’ end users, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Combined with Violin’s performance advantages, customers are able to realize competitive advantages while simultaneously saving money.

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