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SK Hynix Launches CTF-based 4D NAND Flash

Single 96-layer 512Gb TLC flash chip can represent 64GB storage.

SK Hynix Inc. launched a 96-Layer 512Gb ‘CTF based 4D (Four-Dimensional) NAND flash (4D NAND)’ based on its TLC (Triple-Level Cell) arrays, using 3D CTF (Charge Trap Flash) design paired with the PUC (Peri. Under Cell) technology.

SK Hynix CTF-based 4D NAND Flash

The company will start the early stage of mass production of the 96-layer 4D NAND within this year. A single 512Gb NAND flash chip can represent 64GB storage.

The firm combined its 3D CTF with PUC for the first time in the industry, which is different from the way of integrating 3D Floating Gate and PUC. As a result, it attained the industry’s finest performance and productivity. The company named the product ‘CTF-based 4D NAND flash’ to distinguish it from current 3D NAND flash technologies.

The 4D NAND chip reduces more than 30% of chip size and increases bit productivity per wafer by 49% compared to the company’s 72-layer 512Gb 3D NAND. Moreover, the product has 30% higher write and 25% higher read performance. Also, its data bandwidth is doubled to the industry’s biggest 64KB. With the introduction of a multiple gate insulators architecture, its data I/O speed reaches 1,200Mb/s at 1.2V of operation power.

In August, the company already announced that it would enhance the solution market competence with various 4D NAND applications at Flash Memory Summit 2018 held in Santa Clara, CA.

Above all, with the 96-layer 512Gb 4D NAND, the firm will introduce 1TB client SSDs equipped with the company’s own controllers and firmware within this year. Plus, the enterprise SSDs will be introduced in 2H19. The firm will also respond to the high density mobile market with the introduction of UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 3.0 in 1H19. Furthermore, the company will roll out ultra-high density 96-Layer 1Tb TLC and QLC in 2019.

This 96-layer CTF-based 4D NAND, with the industry’s top cost competitiveness and performance, will become a milestone in the company’s NAND flash business, as a platform in developing future products,” said J.T. Kim, VP, head of NAND marketing. “The company plans to start the early stage mass production of it within this year and further expand the production in M15 to actively respond to a variety of clients,” he added.

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