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Excelero Launches NVMesh 2 Software-Only Storage Solution

Adds support for TCP/IP and FC, flexible data protection, performance analytics, eliminates network latency for scale-out infrastructures, delivers "90% storage efficiency", lowers barriers to shared NVMe flash.
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Excelero, Inc. announced NVMesh 2, its software-only storage solution built for applications that have a need to scale flexibly and efficiently.

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Low latency block storage platform on the market with its 5μs latency, NVMesh 2 adds three sets of capabilities that lower barriers to deploying shared NVMe storage across more end-user applications - an efficiency and performance advantage that delivers customers a time-to-innovation advantage.

New capabilities include:


  • MeshConnect - adding support for traditional network technologies TCP/IP and FC, giving NVMesh the widest selection of supported protocols and fabrics of software-defined storage platforms along with already supported IB, RoCE v2, RDMA and NVMe-oF.

  • MeshProtect - offering flexible protection levels for differing application needs, including mirrored and parity-based redundancy.

  • MeshInspect - with performance analytics for pinpointing anomalies quickly and at scale.

Excelero NVMesh2

NVMe over any fabric, without changing your network
As most enterprise servers become NVMe-enabled by 2019 (G2M Research), and as the NVMe over fabrics (NVMe-oF) protocol for accessing NVMe over the network takes off, the rush is on to allow more teams to share NVMe SSD resources and apply NVMe's performance and cost-advantage anywhere. The company's NVMesh 2 is a web-scale software solution with the distributed data protection and storage provisioning that make shared NVMe storage practical, efficient and readily managed.

With NVMesh 2 IT leaders can:

  • Make network latency a non-issue and fix underutilised resources. NVMesh 2 delivers shared NVMe at local performance and 90+% storage efficiency that helps further drive down the cost per gigabyte. Enterprises and service providers achieve the same consistent performance from small to large systems.

  • Gain ubiquitous NVMe access, without changing their workflow. NVMesh was designed to support any network. With its support for NVMe over TCP/IP and FC, there's no need to invest in supporting a specialised networking protocol. Teams can achieve heightened storage capacity, flexibility and scale-out support with their preferred fabrics and protocols.

  • Achieve hardware independence. Run anything from anywhere, and leverage components including NVMe, storage-class memory, smart NICs, CPU-less Just a Bunch of Flash (JBOF) deployments, in standard hardware.

  • Maximise choice in data protection. Starting from level 0 (no protection, lowest latency) to MeshProtect 10+2 (distributed dual parity) customers can choose their preferred level of performance and protection. Distributing data redundancy services eliminates the storage controller bottleneck. This decentralised approach means performance increases with the addition of each client, target and NVMe device; something that only a distributed, client-side data redundancy technology can deliver.

  • Get more diagnostics, with single-package installation. With built-in statistical collection and display, stored in a scalable NoSQL database, NVMesh 2 enables users to analyse cluster-wide and per-object performance and utilisation. User customised options allow creation of dashboards from a selection of data visualization widgets.

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"With the influx of more real-time workloads demanding storage performance that SCSI-based all-flash systems just can't meet, more customers with webscale infrastructures are turning to NVMe," said Eric Burgener, research VP, infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies, IDC. "Software-based solutions like Excelero's NVMesh allow low latency NVMe storage to be efficiently shared across servers over a switched fabric, and offer customers the flexibility to craft these configurations to meet individual requirements in terms of performance, availability, network configuration and choice of hardware."

"Customers want IT systems to deliver competitive advantage with architectures that are highly utilized, easily managed and hardware-independent. NVMesh 2 is the only software-defined storage that provides local NVMe Flash performance across the network and more importantly, also delivers the rest of what customers tell us they need for today's modern applications," said Lior Gal, CEO and co-founder, Excelero. "We believe with NVMesh 2 we have raised the bar on the agility, efficiency and management features that IT managers should expect from storage going forward."

NVMesh 2 will be available in January 2019.

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Excelero NVMesh2

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