Cepoint Battery Powered Industrial NAS From 8 to 24 Bays

Including RM1716-DC rugged 2U 19" rackmount 16-bay NAS with environmental monitors, IPMI remote management and monitoring
This is a Press Release edited by on 2018.11.08

Cepoint Networks LLC's industrial storage NAS/SAN solution series has been upgraded and can utilize energy saving DC power sources especially in application environments where electrical grid is lacking or unstable.


For telecom and electric power grid companies affected by Hurricane or storm power outages, these types of computer servers are a bonanza for uninterrupted 24/7 operations. Other areas of industry that can benefit from deploying energy saving DC powered enterprise computer servers includes factories, industrial automation, oil and gas and off-shore or mobile computing facilities.

The units range from 8 to 24 bays.

Model: RM1716-DC as an example, shipping has 16 bays and runs Windows or Linux NAS/SAN storage server.

Specifications :

  • Rugged 2U 19" rackmount NAS storage configuration with environmental monitors, IPMI remote management and monitoring.
    Rack mountable 2U enclosure with 16 hot swappable 6Gb SAS-3 2.5 inch HDD bays, hot swappable 6Gb SATA 3,5- inch drives, redundant/swappable - 48V DC, 400W or larger, per supply, and rack mounting kit

  • Intel Atom family 8-Core processor series
    (16x2TB) 32TB raw capacity (RAID-5 available) included. Expandable RAID-0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 configurable.

  • RAID-1 (2x300GB) OS drive
    16GB of DDR4 2,133 MHz) ECC memory

  • RAID controller capable of RAID-5

  • Five GbE LAN ports including Teaming

  • IEEE 802.3ad Link (LACP) compliant

  • Load balancing

  • Port failover and wake-on-LA manager


  • Remote sysmanagement

  • Remote boo and reset

  • Remote image mounting

  • Complete remote system monitoring and diagnostics

    • Radius client or AD (Active Directory)
    • FTP/SFTP secure protocol for file transfer
    • SNMP support
  • OpenFiler support. (CE edition yearly license support should be purchased directly from OpenFiler)

  • Fully turnkey plug-n-play ready NAS

  • Assembled and tested

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