AccelStor: Firmware NeoSapphire OS V4.0 For AFAs

Features FlexiRemap and data reduction technology, both inline and background FlexiDedupe and enhanced compression.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2018.11.08

AccelStor, Inc. announced the latest version of its firmware, NeoSapphire OS version 4.0 that features FlexiRemap and data reduction technology, which features both inline and background FlexiDedupe and enhanced compression.

FlexiRemap technology

Accelstor FlexiRemap
The company's NeoSapphire AFAs are structured to maximize storage capacity for use in VDI, server virtualization and business applications, making it possible to realize substantial performance and cost benefits.

FlexiDedupe technology


Throughout enterprise datacenters, virtualization and database densities continue to increase, compromising the application performance and driving the need for effective storage capacity. The FlexiDedupe and enhanced compression technology allow NeoSapphire OS version 4.0 to deliver a data reduction algorithm that optimizes storage utilization in real-time on the fly while maintaining performance.

"The release of NeoSapphire OS version 4.0 represents a significant step forward." said David Kao, VP, AccelStor. "The NeoSapphire AFAs leverage unique and complete inline and background data reduction technology to intelligently deliver up to 10 to 1 reduction and ensure optimal performance even during peak loads. This totally effortless solution enables IT administrators to have a better experience and reduced OPEX."

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