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Bacula Enterprise Edition 10.2 With Integrated Backup and Recovery of Red Hat Virtualization Environments

Agentless backup, agnostic to Vdisk storage backend, transparent quiescing and snapshot creation, restore flexibility, and restored VMs on fly

Bacula Systems SA announced Enterprise Edition 10.2, featuring functionality for integrated backup and recovery of Red Hat Virtualization environments.

Bacula enterprise architecture

Providing image backup, done outside Red Hat Virtualization environments, the module allows the company to perform backup and recovery entirely independently of the hypervisor.

The product is aimed at increasing backup flexibility and efficiency and lowering related costs for users of Red Hat Virtualization at scale. Its functionality provides the following benefits:

  • Agentless backup of Red Hat Virtualization environments

  • Agnostic to Vdisk storage backend

  • Selection and exclusion mechanisms to control backup granularity and capacity requirements

  • Transparent quiescing and snapshot creation

  • Restore flexibility: to the same or different cluster/storage, existing or new virtual instances

  • Configuration of restored VMs on the fly, and option to restore to plain files for further processing

An effective backup and recovery solution is an important element for any user of virtualization technology, including those using Red Hat Virtualization. With Red Hat Virtualization powering mission-critical environments across a broadrange of industries, we’re pleased to ee our partners, including Bacula Systems, helping to lead the way in providing enterprise-grade backup and recovery options to our customers,” said Rob Young, manager, cloud platforms and virtualization, Red Hat, Inc.

Bacula Systems worked closely with Red Hat to enable us to develop this advanced interoperability with Red Hat Virtualization. Today’s announcement further builds on Bacula’s place as one of the most flexible, broadly compatible backup and restore solutions available in the industry today. Not only MSPs, but all large organizations can deploy Bacula to protect their entire physical virtual and Cloud environments regardless of architecture – all from a single platform” said Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula Systems.