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Kasten: K10 on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

For data management of stateful applications on Kubernetes

Kasten, Inc., a cloud-native data management company, announced its K10 platform is available to all users of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace.

The K10 platform provides customers with the ability to operationalize at scale data protection, DR, cloud migration, and copy management of stateful Kubernetes applications.

For the first time, K10 is available to deploy with one click to Google Kubernetes Engine with a usage-based pricing model. Commercial Kubernetes applications can be deployed on-premise or even on other public clouds through the GCP Marketplace.

K10 uses a novel application-centric approach to data management that enables enterprises to meet BC and compliance requirements around stateful container based applications running at scale on public and private Kubernetes deployments. Kasten’s solution allows infrastructure teams to bring much needed operational discipline and peace of mind when handling use cases like backup and recovery, test/dev environments, cloud migration and DR without sacrificing the flexibility and agility that developers have gotten accustomed to on a dynamic platform like Kubernetes.

Enterprises are adopting Kubernetes at unprecedented pace and are increasingly using it as their primary infrastructure for both stateless and stateful applications. This has created tremendous demand for the Kasten K10 platform which simplifies the operational complexity around data management in this environment,” said Niraj Tolia, co-founder and CEO, Kasten. “We are excited to partner with Google Cloud to further simplify the process through which customers can deploy K10 both in the cloud and on-premises.

GCP Marketplace is based on a multi-cloud and hybrid-first philosophy, focused on giving Google Cloud partners and enterprise customers flexibility without lock-in. It also helps customers innovate by adopting technologies from ISV partners, such as commercial Kubernetes applications, and allows companies to oversee the full lifecycle of a solution, from discovery through management.

To remain competitive and deliver on user demands, organizations adopting cloud need ready access to trusted, tested and portable applications that can run across their entire infrastructure. At Google Cloud we strive to make it as easy as possible for customers of all sizes to deploy, purchase and manage leading solutions in the cloud,” said Jennifer Lin, director of product management, Google Cloud. “The availability of commercial Kubernetes applications from providers like Kasten is a critical part of extending enterprise investments and can simplify adoption of container-based infrastructure no matter what environment they operate in, either on-premises or in the public cloud.