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Ctera HC Series Edge Filers Enterprise Cloud Storage Gateways

4-bay 1U to 12-bay 2U system, support 96TB of raw local storage, 10GbE interfaces, all-flash options

CTERA Networks Ltd. announced the expansion of its appliance product line with faster, larger, and more versatile edge filers designed to meet the needs of the remote and branch office (ROBO) IT environment.

The HC Series Edge Filers support 96TB of raw local storage, 10GbE interfaces, all-flash options, as well as the ability to spin multiple VMs on the same device.

With more than 45,000 gateways deployed, the company is a provider in secure edge to cloud file services, enabling distributed enterprises to replace legacy file servers and NAS with modern cloud-enabled filers. The firm allows for a smooth and secure transition to the cloud, migrating existing file shares to a global file system over a WAN-accelerated protocol while preserving full control over data residency.

HC series offering include:

  • Up to 96TB raw storage

  • All-flash option

  • Petabyte-scale cloud tiering to any public or private cloud

  • 10GbE interfaces with both fiber and copper options

  • Ability to run multiple VMs on the same appliance

  • HA and DR

  • Global 24/7 enterprise support with onsite service

The company’s edge filers modernize file storage, collaboration, and backup in an all-in-one solution for dispersed enterprises. The firm’s filers provide users with local access to an infinite amount of cloud-based files while continuously synchronizing file changes to a global file system. The company is powering edge to cloud initiatives at organizations such as McDonald‘s, Carlyle Group, WPP, and multiple agencies within the U.S. Department of Defense.

CTERA’s HC edge filers are the ideal solution for scalable file storage and cross-site collaboration across our globally distributed locations,” said Ewan McSween, IT business partner and enterprise architect, J. Walter Thompson London. “Users enjoy fast local access to creative files that are replicated to a virtual private cloud, where other colleagues around the world can collaborate on the different projects. CTERA allows us to adopt cloud technologies easily, and to avoid any performance or data security challenges.

“Enterprises are seeking modern and more efficient ways to manage branch IT as their global locations expand, their headcounts grow, and their infrastructure requirements change,” said Oded Nagel, chief strategy officer, CTERA. “The new CTERA HC Series is a powerful and robust evolution of our appliance product line, delivering optimized capabilities to meet emerging resource-intensive edge workloads like large file collaboration and archiving, data tiering, and more. In a single appliance, enterprise IT can future-proof against storage sprawl, modernize file services delivery, and converge critical ROBO infrastructure, applications, and protocols – all while delivering the highest levels of performance demanded by branch users.

Series Edge Filers are available. Models scale from a 4-bay 1U to a 12-bay 2U system.

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