Actifio Launched Enterprise Backup and DR to Google Cloud Platform

Bringing enterprise backup and DR capabilities for on-premise and cloud-based workloads
This is a Press Release edited by on 2018.06.13

Actifio, Inc. announced the next phase in its partnership with Google Cloud, bringing enterprise backup and DR capabilities to Google Cloud platform for on-premise and cloud-based workloads.

Through this offering from the company for Google Cloud Platform, enterprise customers will be able to:

  • Enable DR of on-premise and cloud workloads on Google Cloud Platform

  • Rewind and recover data sets of 100 or more terabytes in minutes

  • Retain point-in-time data from days to decades

  • Reuse backups to provision thin clones

  • Protect workloads from any cloud or data center to Google Cloud with the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective infrastructure option for their needs

Adam Massey, director, strategic technology partners, Google Cloud, said: "Enterprise customers are increasingly seeking new solutions for DR and remote backup of their data ecosystems. We look forward to continued collaboration with Actifio to provide customers with the ability to rapidly backup enterprise applications right within Google Cloud, offering enhanced protection from data corruption, system failure, or the increasing threat of malware."

Ash Ashutosh, founder and CEO, Actifio, said: "By collaborating with Google Cloud, we are providing enterprise customers around the world with a new way to protect, manage and utilize their data, creating a plethora of new efficiencies that will help drive their businesses forward in this data-centric technological landscape. Actifio is honored to bring our enterprise data management heritage to Google Cloud Platform, and we look forward to our continued success together."

The company and Google Cloud have experienced success through their alliance. This latest offering from Actifio and Google Cloud is available for download via Google Cloud Launcher and will be showcased with the firm's sponsorship of Google Next 2018 as well as an upcoming joint Google-Actifio presentation at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW.

Google Cloud is also the Exclusive Cloud Sponsor for Actifio Data Driven 2018, the company's conference for hundreds of technologists and business leaders from around the globe that are focused on driving data-intensive transformations in their organizations.

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