pCloud Offering Hubic Users 500GB and Enhanced Security

Three months free of charge
This is a Press Release edited by on 2018.06.12

pCloud AG invites Hubic users to try out its Premium service for 3 months, free of charge.

Hubic account owners can test pCloud with 500GB cloud storage and enhanced security, easy file sharing features and the Public Folder.

Hubic, OVH's online consumer storage service launched in 2011, is on hold, according to OVH's recent announcement: "We made the decision to stop hubiC development and suspend the creation of new accounts."

As an Hubic alternative at the moment, pCloud has launched a campaign allowing Hubic users, looking for a cloud storage alternative, to test its services. pCloud Premium comes with 500GB of cloud storage and features, which help people store, access and modify information on the go, without taking HDD space:

  • No file size and speed restrictions: pCloud is among the few cloud storage services to lift any file size limits for upload and download. Users can add large files to pCloud at the highest speed, provided by their Internet service provider.
  • pCloud Drive: People familiar with Smart Sync would be accustomed to pCloud Drive. Unlike Smart Sync, however, it is a desktop application, which does not use from the user's HDD space, in order to provide access to files. The user can modify files directly from the app and collaborate on files.
  • Security: One of the largest and most talked about breach is the theft of the emails and passwords from over 68 million Dropbox users. pCloud focuses on providing a secure environment for user data. pCloud Crypto is an additional security layer, which provides client-side encryption for confidential files.
  • Lightroom plug-in, raw photo formats support 
  • The Public Folder: It allows to use pCloud host and display static HTML websites, embed images and create direct links to your files.
  • Automatic Upload: It is a feature within pCloud Mobile, which allows users to make an automatic backup of their photos and videos. After the upload is complete, users can scan their Camera Roll and free up space from their device.

pCloud is a cloud storage solution that helps both individual and business users access, edit and collaborate on files at security, anywhere in the world.

For a little over 4 years since its launch, the service has gained a following of more than 7,6 million users. The company considers file security and easy access as a priority.

Today the service ranks among the top 5, competing with global players like Google, Dropbox and Amazon.

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