History (1965): IBM S/360 Selector Channel

Created worldwide plug compatible storage subsystem standard.
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1965: IBM S/360 Selector Channel
Standard I/O architecture for a wide range of peripherals
allowed wide range of system performances

Created worldwide plug compatible storage subsystem standard

  • Disk subsystems included the 2841 Disk Control Unit and associated disk drives
  • Tape subsystems included the 2803 Tape Control Unit and associated tape drives.
  • Outboard IO processing
  • Contemporaneous with CDC 6600 peripheral processors
  • Derived from 7030

US Patent 3,812,475 to IBM's Christiansen et. al. Data Synchronizer filed December 26, 1957 may mark the original invention of a channel.

It is believed the three inventors received at its time one of the IBM Outstanding Invention Awards for this patent.

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