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Nasuni Supporting Varonis Data Security Platform

Integration addresses regulations like GDPR and protects unstructured data from cyberattacks.

Nasuni Corporation, provider of cloud-scale enterprise file services, announced upcoming support for the Varonis Data Security Platform.

Cloud storage adoption is on the rise, with enterprises increasingly turning to Nasuni’s global file system with private cloud storage solutions such as Dell EMC ECS and IBM Cloud object storage or public cloud storage solutions such as Azure and S3 for more scalable file sharing. These enterprises will be able to leverage the integration between Nasuni and Varonis to protect their files from cyber-attacks and insider threats.

Nasuni provides the file services platform that stores files in limitless private or public cloud object storage, while using virtual or physical edge appliances to cache active files anywhere performing file access is needed. Varonis provides the data security platform that protects files from cyber-attacks and insider threats by analyzing the behavior of the people and machines accessing the data, alerting on misbehavior, and enforcing a least privilege model.

Together, Nasuni and Varonis provide a solution for unstructured storage, collaboration, protection, management, security, governance, compliance, and analytics.

Our goal in IT is to deliver efficiency and performance in support of our large-scale contracting projects,” said Dennis DiPalma, MIS project leader at construction firm PJ Dick Trumbull Lindy Paving. “With CAD and other types of unstructured data growing and playing a critical role in every project, a scalable file infrastructure that enables us to quickly store, collaborate on, and recover files is essential. At the same time, we need to be able to prevent malware, ransomware, and other threats from compromising our file data. The joint Nasuni-Varonis solution gives us best-in-class capabilities for file storage and file security, and enhances our ability to maintain tight schedules, while keeping IT costs down.

Each Nasuni appliance looks like a traditional NAS device or file server, leveraging existing active directory or LDAP authentication infrastructure and standard file sharing protocols (e.g. CIFS, NFS) to provide file access. However, the appliances require a much smaller storage footprint – typically 80% less capacity – since they are ‘right-sized’ to cache only the active files. Nasuni can send file tracking data from each appliance to Varonis, which can be installed anywhere Nasuni appliances are located. The Varonis Data Security Platform provides centralized security monitoring, data classification, auditing, analytics, and remediation.

Companies are shifting from traditional security approaches designed to keep attackers off their networks to a new model that focuses on protecting their critical data from the inside out, while at the same time shifting from traditional file storage approaches to cloud-based architectures that offer scalability and cross-office collaboration,” said David Bass, Varonis’ EVP of engineering and CTO. “Our integration with Nasuni addresses both transformations, providing joint customers with a comprehensive solution for storing, sharing, protecting, and defending their data on premises and in the cloud – while also addressing GDPR and other requirements by discovering and classifying personal identifying information.

The extensions to Nasuni that support the Varonis integration are available in its new release, also announced at Dell Technologies World, and will be compatible with an upcoming Varonis release. 

Nasuni has become the new file services standard for companies needing to overcome file storage capacity and performance issues, ineffective multi-site file sharing, inadequate recovery points and recovery times, high costs, and complex administration,” said Russ Kennedy, Nasuni chief product officer. “Our integration with Varonis brings a new level of enterprise data security and analytics capabilities to the Nasuni platform. With the Nasuni-Varonis joint solution, IT organizations now have a more scalable and secure way to achieve their digital transformation and cloud modernization objectives.