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Catalogic Software: DPX V4.5.2 Data Protection Software

Software-defined backup repository expands customer options.

Catalogic Software, Inc. announced the release and availability of DPX 4.5.2, an update to its data protection software.

This release continues the wave of updates and innovation in DPX that we began last year,” said Ethan Blynn, VP and GM, DPX business unit. “With this release we are introducing a major architectural update to DPX with our software-defined vStor data repository.

The vStor data repository is a next generation backup repository using open-source components and micro-services. It provides a scalable and efficient software-defined backup target that can be built using any block-storage device.

With this release, we’re leap-frogging other vendors that still rely on specific hardware,” said Blynn. “We’re giving our customers the freedom and flexibility they don’t get from proprietary and costly backup appliances.

The vStor repository can be as small as a single self-contained VM, for small or remote office scenarios, and can scale up to hundreds of terabytes. It includes deduplication and compression for storage savings, and vStor nodes can replicate to each other for DR or data distribution.

Customers no longer have to pick from a set of fixed form factors,” Blynn explained. “They are free to build their backup targets in whatever way meets their performance, efficiency and cost requirements. And the vStor software is part of their DPX license. There are no additional licenses required.

In addition to the vStor repository, the DPX 4.5.2 adds several other features that DPX customers have requested.

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