NAB: Attala Systems Launches Storage Platform for Media and Entertainment Industry*

Using Composable Storage Infrastructure, Intel NVMe SSDs, and Super Micro SSG-136R-N32JBF 1U enclosure, to provide storage performance and scalability
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Attala Systems, Inc. has launched of a storage platform for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry at the NAB 2018 Show.

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The platform utilizes the company's Composable Storage Infrastructure, Intel Corp.'s P4510 NVMe SSDs, and Super Micro Computer, Inc.'s SSG-136R-N32JBF 1U enclosure to provide storage performance and scalability. When combined with a high-performance file system, these capabilities promise to decrease the storage latency and increase the scalability of of workflows for high-definition video post-production and content creation. The company's platform is available for customer and partner evaluations.

"Let's face facts - siloed physical infrastructure isn't as efficient or agile as a virtualized, cloud-like infrastructure, but virtualized environments are not sufficiently performant or scalable for many of today's next generation workloads," said Mike Matchett, principal analyst, "New composable infrastructures promise to bring all the benefits of highly dynamic cloud orchestration and provisioning to bare metal computing, but many still struggle with efficiently carving up expensive high-performance storage. Attala's Composable Storage Infrastructure uniquely solves that storage conundrum by leveraging an extremely low latency FPGA-fabric. With Attala, every workload can dynamically provision all the storage performance and capacity it requires, elastically and on-demand. Attala customers can expect to achieve high storage performance, agility, and utilization."

Historically, every 2X increase in media resolution for media and entertainment has increased the required storage capacity and network performance by 4X or greater. Changes in resolution also often increase the size of the teams that work on the material, all of which complicate the sharing of material in editing/post-production workflows. This has often resulted in video editing and post-production teams wait for access to media files as they are read into or written out from workstations. The firm's composable storage infrastructure platform with Intel next-generation NVME SSDs resolves these issues by providing higher streaming performance and scalable sharability of storage objects.

"Video editing and post-production embody some of the greatest storage performance challenges in the media and entertainment industry", said Taufik Ma, CEO, Attala. "The need to support complex workflows with ever-increasing resolution, frame rates, and color depth all increase storage demands in an exponential manner. Attala is proud to work with Intel and Supermicro on a storage platform that solves all of these challenges, while enhancing solution scalability and flexibility."

"Intel is excited to work with Attala Systems on a high-performance storage solution for the media and entertainment industry," said Bill Leszinski, VP, NVM solutions group, Intel. "Our new P4510 NVMe SSDs raise the bar on what customers should expect from their SSDs by enabling up to four times more terabytes per server and up to 10 times better random read latency at 99.99% QoS than previous generations. The P4510 NVMe SSD also has 2X the write throughput of its predecessor, which is critical for video editing and post-production in the media and entertainment industry."

"Delivering performance in shared storage systems for the media and entertainment industry has always been a challenge, and just delivering a flash solution doesn't really solve these issues," said Chad Knowles, CEO, OpenDrives LLC. "The level of performance and scalability of the Attala Systems platform and Intel P4510 NVMe SSDs promises to simplify sharability and scalability of digital data for complex media and entertainment workflows."

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