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IBM Spectrum Scale for Elastic Storage Server V5.0

Delivers software-defined storage for simple, efficient, and intelligent storage.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2018.04.16

IBM Spectrum Scale for IBM Elastic Storage Server V5.0 delivers software-defined storage for simple, efficient, and intelligent storage management

IBM Spectrum Scale Data Access Edition for IBM ESS, V5.0 and Spectrum Scale Data Management Edition for ESS, V5.0 deliver improvements for ESS solution.

New level of storage performance and efficiency

  • Improvements in I/O performance
  • Reduced internode software path latency to support newest low-latency, high bandwidth hardware
  • Improved performance for many small and large block size workloads simultaneously
  • 4MB default block size with variable subblock size based on block size choice
  • Improved metadata operation performance to a single directory from multiple nodes

Simpler, more powerful system administration

  • Faster and simpler experience with the addition of more than 20 communication protocol and buffer management parameters that are now handled automatically, aiding setup for optimal performance
  • Enhanced GUI features for many capabilities including performance, capacity, network monitoring, active file management (multicluster), and transparent cloud tiering
  • Enhanced maintenance and support including interaction with IBM remote support
  • Integrated IBM ESS management GUI includes hardware management to eliminate the need for multiple GUIs

Efficient storage for diverse workloads

  • High performance for systems using parallel filesystem access to data
  • Unified file and object storage with integrated data analytics
  • Policy-based migration to the optimum storage pool and active archive with supported tiers including disk, SSD, flash, object storage, cloud storage, and tape
  • Storage space savings with compression

Security and compliance

  • File audit logging capability to track user accesses to file system and events supported across all nodes and all protocols (Data Management Edition only)
  • Parseable data stored in secure retention-protected fileset (Data Management Edition only)
  • File-level immutability (independent certification pending for version 5.0)
  • Data security following removal of physical media protected by on-disk encryption (Data Management Edition only)
  • Protocols include encryption of data in motion
  • Access control lists (ACLs) provide fine-grained control over access

Speedy big data analytics

  • Faster, easier, and reliable workflows with native Hadoop support, multiprotocol NAS, and enterprise capabilities
  • Highly available read and write caching accelerate applications

Note: For existing clients of Spectrum Scale for IBM ESS, due to the change in the PID structure for version 5, with separate editions and new Software Maintenance, entitlement records will be migrated to reflect the new PID and Software Maintenance. There will be no change to your anniversary date. You can continue to run version 4 software levels.

Key prerequisites

  • Elastic Storage Server solution
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS

Planned availability date: April 13, 2018 (preinstall only)

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