Wasabi and Cloud Constellation Delivering New Generation of Space-Based Cloud Storage

And security services
This is a Press Release edited by on 2018.03.13

Wasabi Technologies, Inc., a cloud storage company, and Cloud Constellation Corporation are collaborating to deliver a new generation of cloud storage and security services.

Based on Wasabi's cloud storage and Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt data security as a service, the combined offering will enable enterprise customers to bypass the inherent cyber vulnerability of terrestrial networks with a space-based area network and storage.

Created by cloud storage pioneers and Carbonite, Inc. co-founders David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is a cloud storage company that delivers fast, low cost and reliable cloud storage.

Wasabi is built to be 100% AWS S3 bit-compatible. However, there are no complex storage tiers; Wasabi costs a $.0039/GB/month with a 1TB minimum usage.

It also offers immutable buckets, which means that data written to those buckets cannot be erased or altered, protecting users from common causes of data loss like accidental deletions, application software bugs, hackers and malware.

SpaceBelt is a patented, scalable service that uses a constellation of 12 satellites in low earth orbit (LEO).

The constellation of satellites is networked with a laser photonic ring that is redundant and self-healing for HA.

The SpaceBelt network communicates with secure access points located at Wasabi data centers and enterprise customer sites via connectivity with geosynchronous satellites (GO).

David Friend, CEO, Wasabi, said: "We're very excited to be working jointly on a very cool and important initiative like SpaceBelt. Cloud Constellation is pioneering a new frontier of data security, and we're honored that they have chosen Wasabi as a strategic partner for their global area network and storage."

Dennis R. Gatens, VP, SpaceBelt channel management and marketing, said: "A data breach can have a devastating impact on the state of a business that no insurance policy can undo. Our combined offering will enable customers to take advantage of Wasabi's high-performance, low-cost storage. Where the highest level of cybersecurity risk mitigation is required, SpaceBelt provides the security necessary to protect customers' highly valuable data assets."

The combined offering of Wasabi and SpaceBelt services will result in a portfolio of cloud storage and security services that CIOs and CISOs will incorporate into their cybersecurity strategies to realize a performing level of data security risk mitigation.

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