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Retrospect Solo Personal Edition Backup Software

$49, for protecting single Windows or macOS computers

Retrospect, Inc. introduced Solo, a personal edition of the company’s backup software for protecting an individual’s digital life: a Windows or Mac computer, any external HDDs, and two email accounts.

Solo includes the same core enterprise features as Retrospect Desktop and Retrospect Multi-Server, including data protection and migration, email protection and migration, cloud backup to more than a dozen different cloud providers, AI features with BackupBot, a dashboard with ‘Data Hooks’, one-click backup, and extensible features with open source repositories on GitHub.

The company has been protecting computers for thirty years-since before Facebook, Google or even AOL – and now that level of data protection is available to more people.

Solo is built with the same enterprise feature set as Retrospect Desktop and Multi-Server, with byte-for-byte data protection and migration. Customers can backup their Windows or Mac computer and external HDDs on a fixed schedule, proactively during a window of time every day, or on-demand. Solo is easy to use that customers can start protecting their computer with three clicks, and it lets customers migrate a single file, a folder, or an entire computer to an external HDD, with support for bootable backups.

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Email protection and migration

Email systems for businesses have migrated from local servers to cloud services, but those services are prone to the same data loss scenarios as a local email server. Accidents happen. An employee might delete the wrong email or lose access to their account, or a rogue user could remove everything from the system. Email systems in the cloud require the same level of data protection as local email servers, and with Retrospect 15, it’s easy.

  • Data protection – Customers can use the firm’s software to backup their IMAP email accounts to a local or cloud destination, and they can restore a lost email or account with a couple clicks.

  • Email migration – Migrating from one service is easier. backup the account with Retrospect, and restore it to next account. The software copies every email and attachment over.

  • Support for major services – The firm’s email protection supports all major email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL.

  • Two free – Solo includes two email account licenses, so customers can start protecting their email immediately.

Cloud backup
Off-site data protection is a critical piece of any business’s data protection strategy, as corporate data is always at risk from accidental loss, malicious threats, or natural disasters. Keeping a copy of critical data in a separate location safeguards it against loss, providing a further layer of protection. In addition, an off-site location can securely store archived content that is no longer in use. Cloud backup to third-party cloud storage providers allows
the company’s customers a way to protect their environment off-site with a number of advantages:

  • Multiple providers – The firm supports more than a dozen cloud storage providers, located around the world, for affordable fast offsite storage.

  • No lock-in – Migrate backups from one cloud to another with a simple transfer, all within company’s software.

  • Zero-knowledge security – With AES-256 encryption in-transit and at-rest, only customers can access their backups, no matter where they store them.

  • Fast upload – Supports up to 350Mb/s for a single backup or restore and can saturate a 1Gb/s connection with multiple simultaneous backups.

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Latest Retrospect features
Solo includes all of the features released in higher editions of the company’s software, and every one is available on Windows and Mac.

  • BackupBotBackupBot combines AI and personalized data protection analytics to embed more intelligence in the firm’s data protection strategies.

  • Data HooksData Hooks are extensible dashboard plug-ins to summarize every important aspect of what the firm is doing, from storage to ongoing activities to overall protection.

  • Open Source on GitHub – Customers can customize their environment with Data Hooks, Script Hooks, and Selectors available as open source code on GitHub.

Pricing and availability:

  • Retrospect Solo for Windows and Mac are available for $49 MSRP from resellers or the company website. It is available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

  • Solo is designed to protect a single computer, all of its external HDDs, and two email accounts. To protect more computer or network-attached storage (NAS) units, Retrospect Desktop is available starting at $119 and includes five client licenses. Retrospect Solo can be upgraded to Desktop without re-installation.