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Cloudian and Hyland in Partnership

To improve medical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by streamlining how medical imagery is stored and accessed

Cloudian, Inc., in enterprise object storage systems, announced a partnership with Hyland Software, Inc., a content services platform.

This partnership will help healthcare professionals cut through the limitations of how medical imagery is stored, enabling them to make better-informed care decisions, from anywhere and at any time, based on the complete picture of a patient’s condition.

The two companies have created a medical-imaging storage solution using Hyland’s Acuo vendor neutral archive (VNA) to manage medical images and the Cloudian HyperStore platform to provide a limitlessly scalable storage and backup repository. The combined solution makes vast stores of medical images, photos and documents available to healthcare providers on any viewing application.

Collaborative healthcare depends on the real-time delivery of patient data. The challenge is that capacity-intensive records originate from many different systems that store  many different record types.

Acuo by Hyland is a VNA that stores all digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) and X-ray spectrometer detector system (XDS) imaging content from across the enterprise in an independent repository, providing clinicians access to complete patient information while eliminating departmental silos. The Acuo VNA is multi-tenant and interoperable with a range of healthcare applications. The archive can be distributed, federated and centrally managed, enabling healthcare organizations to actively manage and provide access to medical imaging data and XDS content.

Cloudian supports the Acuo VNA with a limitlessly scalable, fully modular, shared storage pool that can expand without disruption as storage needs increase. Built on industry-standard hardware, the solution reduces storage costs by two thirds compared to proprietary systems.

By unifying medical imagery within a single repository and making it available across a healthcare enterprise, this solution gives doctors visibility into the breadth of clinical content available for individual patients and across populations,” said Susan deCathelineau, VP of global healthcare sales and services, Hyland. “This power to analyze medical imagery for research purposes means better care for patients today and even better care in the future.

This solution will break down information silos between proprietary picture archiving and communication systems and give health-care professionals real-time access to a more complete view of the patient,” said Jon Toor, Cloudian CMO. “Instead of wastin time searching in multiple systems for the images they need, health-care providers can now stay focused on better healthcare outcomes. The solution is cost effective and limitlessly scalable, and provides a future-proof solution for health-care organizations.

Benefits of joint solution include: 

  • Standards-based enterprise access to medical images, photos and documents regardless of viewing application offers independence from proprietary archives and streamlines clinical workflows.
  • Consolidated records simplify access and data management.
  • The scalable storage pool starts small and grows to hundreds of petabytes without disruption.
  • Data durability ensures long-term data protection with multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Flexible storage infrastructure options are available; users can deploy the solution as a pre-configured appliance or as software on industry-standard servers
  • The solution supports BC and DR strategies while providing a platform for clinical content integration, interoperability and exchange.
  • The joint solution is one-third the cost of proprietary systems

Our healthcare customers are constantly challenged to improve patient data access and infrastructure to achieve better clinical decisions and patient outcomes,” said Koen van der Bruggen, CCO, i3 groep, a Dutch specialist in hybrid cloud management, dynamic data protection and information management. “The solution from Hyland and Cloudian overcomes these challenges, providing cost-efficient storage and simplified, real-time access to patient imaging and other health records from across multiple systems.