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MyWorkDrive V.4.0: Remote and Mobile File Sharing

With more mobility, security, collaboration and productivity ($2/user/month for standard edition)

MyWorkDrive, a product and dba of Wanpath LLC, founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco, CA, is an easy and secure file sharing product that allows remote access to files without having to sync or store data in a public cloud and just shipped version 4.0.

One of the new features is the Mobile Office Document Editing feature for iOS devices in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. MyWorkDrive already allows Office 365 business users to open, edit and save changes to remote Office files accessed through MyWorkDrive using a web browser. Now users can directly edit documents stored on file servers in real time from iOS devices without downloading or syncing. Security and mobility is key and 4.0 is already receiving rave reviews.

MyWorkDrive redefines file sharing and remote file access. No data room needed. No syncing, no VPNs, no uploading to another portal. Instant access with minimal set up and reasonable budgets. With MyWorkDrive as a partner, CEOs can run a company from their phone and CTOs can bring IT budgets down and be a hero.
Recent stats are that businesses will spend $369 billion on digital transformation by 2020; and 67% of the world’s top enterprises will adopt digital transformation as a key strategic goal by 2018. Private and public sectors from tech, government, healthcare, finance, entertainment, education and more are struggling to stay connected and stay secure.

Headline news is rife with stories of data breaches, data leaks, viruses and file corruptions. Syncing and sharing your files in ‘the cloud’ doesn’t guarantee data integrity or ease of remote accessibility. CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) are on the rise and in demand. Security and productivity are critical but IT departments are a cost center not a profit center for most organizations. Companies get mired in allocation of resources and digital planning.
I am excited about our new Mobile Document editing feature on iOS devices using MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This is the culmination of 3+ years of hard work unifying and extending MyWorkDrive for enterprises,” said Dan Gordon, CEO and co-founder, MyWorkDrive.

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