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ExaGrid Grew 20% From 4Q16 to 4Q17

As well as in 2017 over 2016

ExaGrid Systems, Inc. announced record revenue for 4Q17.

ExaGrid grew over 20% from the same quarter a year ago as well as for the full year of 2017 over 2016.

The company is growing faster than the overall market and continues to grow its market share position. Demonstrating growing demand on the part of enterprise IT environments for a cost effective solution, it achieved a record number of six-figure new customer opportunities in the 4th quarter.

ExaGrid had a strong record quarter in both North America and EMEA,” said Bill Andrews, CEO and president. “We continue to see record numbers of organizations – particularly the larger environments with hundreds of terabytes of data – migrate to ExaGrid’s next generation approach because they are displeased and frustrated by the first generation inline/scale-up deduplication appliances as well as backup software with deduplication to disk. IT professionals that deal with the day-to-day complexities of backup and recovery understand the unique value that ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture with landing zone brings to their data center environment as well as the resulting impact that value has on the business as a whole. Not only does ExaGrid shorten backup windows, speed up restores, etc., but is often half the price of Dell EMC Data Domain, Veritas Appliances, or straight disk behind Commvault.

ExaGrid is a provider of hyper-converged secondary storage for backup that overcomes the three compute challenges of backup storage with data deduplication. All backup storage and backup software vendors reduce storage and bandwidth to varying degrees but are impaired by sluggish ingest rates due to the fact that they perform data deduplication inline. In addition, because they only store deduplicated data, restore speeds and VM boots are also very slow. Deduplication that is built into the backup software is less aggressive, uses a larger amount of disk, and is slower for backups and restores.

ExaGrid’s ingest is 3 times faster – and restores/VM boots are up to 20 times faster – than its closest competitor. In addition, since each company’s appliance that is added to an existing system brings compute with capacity, the backup window remains fixed in length even as data grows. The firm uses a scale-out architecture with a loading zone, which addresses all of the scalability and performance challenges of backup storage. It not delivers fast backups and restores, and is a solution that scales, provides a fixed length backup window as data grows, and eliminates forklift upgrades as well as product obsolescence.

For the year 2017, ExaGrid:
• achieved a record bookings and revenue year
• achieved a record number of six-figure new customer opportunities
• opened offices in the Czech Republic, Israel, and Australia in addition to its offices in the UK, Germany, France, Nordics, Benelux, Singapore, and other international territories
• was voted SVC AwardsProduct of the Year, Hyper-converged Backup and Recovery
• was rated Recommended Deduplicating Backup Appliance in DCIG’s 2018 buyer’s guide
• Advanced its strategic relationship with Veeam

ExaGrid’s published customer success stories and enterprise stories number over 350, more than all other vendors in the space combined. Customers state that is the product best-in-class, and ‘it just works.’

This demonstrates how satisfied customers are with ExaGrid’s architectural approach, product, and customer support,” said Andrews.