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Syneto Enters the Spanish Market by Signing Distributor SM Data

For reselling hyper-converged solutions

SM Data, SA, a provider of storage solutions with 28 years history in the Spanish market, signed a distribution agreement with Syneto S.R.L., a manufacturer of hyper-converged solutions (HCI) for small to medium-size data centers, SMBs and organizations with ROBOs, meeting performance, security and budget, whilst also providing built in DR capabilities.

Syneto offers a HCI solution that combines computing, storage, networking and virtualization into a single unit, which simplifies the infrastructure stack. It replaces traditional IT infrastructures with their high prices, which can be difficult to manage, due to the multitude of components from which they are assembled, which in turn also makes them difficult to protect.

Because HCI leverage the potential of modern computing solutions, Syneto are able to deliver a cost-effective, full-stack IT infrastructure with improved application performance, enhanced space efficiency and fast resource deployment, all with the advantage that any necessary support comes from a single provider.

SM Data will add to its product portfolio the HYPERSeries 3000 systems and the new HYPERSeries 2000 family. Of the 3000 series there are two product lines: the HYPERSeries 3100, that is able to sustain up to 24 medium-sized VMs with up to 16TB hybrid storage capacity, including space saving mechanisms such as compression, deduplication and thin provisioning and the HYPERSeries 3200, designed to sustain up to 48 medium-sized VMs, with different capacity and performance options available: hybrid, double-hybrid and all-flash.

The HYPERSeries 3000 is a fit for virtual server workloads, including e-mail and domain servers (HYPER 3100 series), as well as virtual applications such as databases and ERP servers (HYPER 3200 series).

The primary storage units are always supplied complete with a DR unit, to which the virtual infrastructure replicates entirely, with native and invisible backups, all without the need to purchase any additional third-party software. This enables the solutions to offer a RTO of 15 minutes and a RPO of 1 minute,  should any disaster may occur.

The HYPERSeries 2000 is comprised of two HCI units: a primary unit on which applications run under normal circumstances and a DR unit, from which all of the applications can be restarted in case of a downtime incident, again in less than 15 minutes. It is designed for small-sized organizations, supporting up to 7 medium-sized VMs, being targeted to fit within the limited budget and IT resources of these SMBs and ROBOs. Simplicity of use is just one of the benefits, as the appliance ships preconfigured, users simply need to install or move their virtual applications onto the platform, before resuming their activity.

When looking to engage a partner in Spain to promote Syneto’s innovative hyperconverged infrastructure solutions and the many benefits and services they bring, we sought a company which fulfilled some very specific criteria and qualities. They needed to be well established, technically very competent and highly recognised and respected amongst the Spanish reseller and SI customer base. Commercially they required the experience to take new technology products to market and be able to build and develop a strong and successful channel structure, to promote Syneto’s clear advantages. Being established for over 28 years, with a history of successfully introducing and establishing new leading edge technology products and concepts via the channel, coupled with their commercial and technical expertise, and excellent reseller partner relationships, then being able to join and work with SM Data, to help us achieve our goals, was a very clear and simple choice for Syneto,” said Rick Dudson, VP sales EMEA, Syneto

For his part, Javier Mendialdua, SM Data’s commercial manager, declares: “Thanks to this distribution agreement SM Data will be introduced in the market of hyper-converged solutions, which we thought was necessary in line with our aim of incorporating the latest technologies into our storage offer. The latest market studies point out that in the coming years the trend is for traditional storage systems to be replaced by hyperconverged infrastructures with self-protection tools obviating the need for backup applications. Syneto’s solutions are modern, powerful and a proven track record in the market, with numerous installations around the world, which makes them ideal to offer our customers the advantages of hyperconvergence.