CloudByte Changes Name to MayaData

And launches MayaOnline, SaaS to address cloud lock-in while providing Kubernetes monitoring and control, focusing on the data layer
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.12.07

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CloudByte/OpenEBS renamed itself MayaData, Inc. in recognition of the launch of MayaOnline.

MayaOnline is a software as a service solution that promises to address cloud lock-in while providing Kubernetes monitoring and control, focusing on the data layer. achieved limited release and includes:

  • Monitoring and analytics of Kubernetes clusters, irrespective of whether these clusters are running as a service such as Amazon's recently announced Kubernetes service, or on another cloud, or on-premises
  • ChatOps based alerting and control of those clouds
  • Cross-cloud data management, such as the live movement of stateful workloads from one Kubernetes cluster to another via eMotion

MayaOnline builds on the open source containerized storage for containers project, OpenEBS - which is increasingly used to provide granular control of stateful workloads in Kubernetes environments.

CEO of MayaData Evan Powell, said: "Thanks to the success of OpenEBS, which has quickly become the most used containerized storage for containers project, we got to know a lot of users. And we heard from them that a free and simple to use cloud-hosted management interface for OpenEBS and for the Kubernetes clusters on which it runs would be valuable. We're excited to be renaming ourselves MayaData and for to be achieving limited availability today."  

MayaOnline represents a new type of cross-cloud control plane for stateful workloads - such as databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL, Jenkins for CI/CD, and messaging such as Kafka and RabbitMQ. Maya currently supports workloads run on OpenEBS and orchestrated with Kubernetes.
MayaData's vision is that data management for containers and cloud lock-in can be solved thanks to open source projects like Kubernetes and OpenEBS and cloud based software that delivers analytics, ChatOps, and automation. MayaData sponsors the OpenEBS project, contributes to Kubernetes, and recently released a free version of MayaOnline for cross cloud visibility, control and automation of the data layer.