SuperMicro 1U All-Flash NVMe JBOD/SuperServer With Intel Ruler SSDs

Supporting 32 hot-swap NVMe drives, 256TB per system today and 512TB and then 1PB per system in near future
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.12.06

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Super Micro Computer, Inc. announced availability of an all-flash NVMe 1U JBOF (Just a Bunch Of Flash) and 1U SuperServer with support for 32 hot-swap Intel Corp.'s 'Ruler' form factor NVMe SSDs.

With a total of 32 hot-swap 'Ruler' NVMe drives in a 1U system, this NVMe solution will provide all-NVMe capacity at petabyte scale in 1U of rack space as the company supports 256TB per system today and will support 512TB and then 1PB per system in the near future. NVMe technology was developed to unleash the best latency and provide faster CPU to storage performance for advanced computing. Optimized for the Intel 'Ruler' form factor, the system provides a more thermally optimized high-density, performance all-flash storage solution compared to previous all-flash storage technologies.

"With Supermicro 3.0, our enterprise customers benefit from the industry's broadest selection of first-to-market server and storage solutions with global reach, premium quality, RAS security, rack scale management and global services. Our new all-flash 32 hot-swap Ruler drives in a high-density 1U system design is the latest example of how Supermicro continues to lead the way for NVMe technology," said Charles Liang, president and CEO, Supermicro. "With more than triple the all-flash storage density of previous 1U solutions, this Supermicro system will take us to petabyte scale in a single 1U system in the near future. This new JBOF supports flexible configurations with up to twelve hosts or head nodes and extremely high data transfer throughput up to 64GB/s."

This 1U all-NVMe Storage Server and JBOF disaggregate storage into shared pools that are rapidly becoming the preferred hardware infrastructure for demanding big data analytics applications such as autonomous driving and real-time financial fraud detection. Up to twelve hosts can be directly connected to the 1U pooled NVMe storage. Alternatively, for customers who want to deploy an NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF) solution, hundreds of hosts can be connected to the pooled performance NVMe storage over Ethernet. Company's 1U all-NVMe Storage Servers and JBOF solutions help maximize performance storage resource utilization and reduce the datacenter footprint resulting in lower TCO.

This all-flash 32 drive NVMe 1U system supports not only 'ruler' form factor SSDs, but also standard U.2 SSDs to offer customers storage flexibility. This 1U system will support a half petabyte of NVMe storage capacity this year and a full petabyte early next year. The system comes standard with redundant hot-swap cooling fans and power supplies along with tool-less drive trays for increased serviceability and redundancy. For accessibility, the solution supports remote system on/off and system management as well as remote power cycling for each individual drive.

This all-flash 1U system is an addition to the company's portfolio of storage servers and JBOD product lines. With 2U, 3U and 4U offerings that include all-flash NVMe, simply double, double-sided and options with SAS3 RAID or HBA controllers, the firm provides a selection of storage products to meet customer requirements.