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Jungle Disk Acquires SafetyNet Backup From Jobber

For QuickBooks Online
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Jungle Disk, LLC acquired SafetyNet, a backup for QuickBooks Online, from Jobber, a cloud and mobile software platform for home service businesses, at QuickBooks Connect Toronto.

This acquisition enhances Jungle Disk's data security suite, adding a cloud-to-cloud backup for QuickBooks Online storing a safe, second copy of a small business's critical financial records. SafetyNet is available through the Jungle Disk website with seamless authentication and authorization through Intuit account integration.

"Thousands of businesses have used Jungle Disk's online backup software to protect the QuickBooks data stored on their personal computer or office server for the past decade," said Bret Piatt, CEO, Jungle Disk. "With the addition of SafetyNet to Jungle Disk's data security suite, customers can now easily protect their critical financial records stored in Intuit, Inc.'s software-as-a-service accounting solution."

Businesses who run QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise can use Jungle Disk Encrypted Backup to protect the data files stored on their computers, a NAS device or a server in their office. Using the Jungle Disk Backup Vault technology, copies of files can be kept for years to meet compliance requirements and record archiving needs.

"Lost, corrupted or destroyed financial records can harm a small business making it difficult and more expensive to audit," said Raul Rios, partner, RSM US LLP. "It's important for businesses to have backup and controls in place to ensure duplicate copies of important records are kept safe from accidents or cyberattacks."

Jungle Disk pioneered the market for encrypted cloud storage and backup of laptops, desktops, servers and network storage devices. With the addition of SafetyNet, it continues to lead the small business data protection market by operating the first QuickBooks Online backup.

The offering is available in three editions:
SafetyNet Starter - It is a free tier providing seven days of daily backup versions and up to 1GB of data. Authentication is integrated with QuickBooks Online and the first backup can be completed in minutes with no credit card information required. In five minutes, and for no additional expense, businesses can add an extra tier of protection to their financial records.
SafetyNet Small Business - It is an $8 monthly subscription service per QuickBooks Online instance with unlimited storage including a full year of backup versions. The Small Business edition also includes phone, web chat and ticket based technical support from the Jungle Disk team of data security experts. With a year of versions, businesses gain additional protection from fraud, embezzlement and other malicious activities that can avoid detection for longer periods of time.
SafetyNet Accountant - It is a $25 monthly subscription for QuickBooks Online Accountant providing backups for up to five instances and also includes all of the features in the Small Business edition. Each additional instance is $5 per month. It is in early access and now accepting applications from CPAs and accounting firms. The service makes it simple for accounting firms to keep snapshots of records before and after bookkeeping or records updates creating a separate secure audit trail.

SafetyNet began in 2014 at the QuickBooks Connect conference. A team from Jobber entered an application pitch event and won the Best New App category. Since its founding, SafetyNet has continued to sign up bookkeepers, accountants, and small business owners using QuickBooks Online.

"SafetyNet addresses an important need and really hit a nerve in the accounting community when we put it out into the world in 2014," said Sam Pillar, CEO, Jobber. "We're really proud of SafetyNet, but our mission is to make the people in home services successful, and our core focus in that pursuit is on Jobber. The Jungle Disk team is full of experts in backup and data security and will lead SafetyNet to a bright future."

Financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.

Jungle Disk provides businesses network security and backup solutions to protect critical data from system failure, human error and cyberattacks. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, its team now serves over 25,000 customers with data centers in North America and Europe.

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