AccelStor NeoSapphire all-NVMe Flash Array for Advance Genomics Data Analysis

Accelerates time-to-result for Atgenomix's enterprise-ready bioinformatics solutions.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.12.06

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AccelStor, Inc. will be revealing the upcoming NeoSapphire all-NVMe flash array model, targeting HPC applications for scientists, researcher's and engineer's.

The performance, fast throughput and low latency of NeoSapphire all-NVMe flash array makes it a storage solution for HPC applications, such as genomics, computational chemistry and engineering simulation. This storage solution has been proved in Atgenomix's enterprise-ready bioinformatics environment. The company offers a reliable data platform where researchers can analyze genomics data fast and easy with any tools they need.

Due to the vast amount of data that genome sequencing produces, the Atgenomix adapts NeoSapphire all-flash array to scale the storage workload needed to analyze the algorithms that are used in genomics simulation. Atgenomix leverages Apache Spark as a cluster compute platform for data analysis in genomics. Such HPC applications require high network speed, fast storage, large amounts of memory, very high compute capabilities, or all of these. Some HPC systems include numerous servers with power CPU and internal HDDs. However, this approach may offer enough compute capability yet still exists I/O bottlenecks and it will drag down the overall time for results. With the NeoSapphire storage solutions, Ategeomix and their clients are able to accelerate genome data faster and more cost effectively.

To remove bottlenecks in data backed scientific projects and other HPC applications, firm's FlexiRemap software technology speeds up dynamic data queue supports for computing nodes. This approach will deliver complete removal of I/O bottlenecks and responds rapidly to cater different demands of HPC usage regardless of implementing more costly computing nodes. The most I/O intensive data demands in HPC applications are those where whole process of simulations need to be compared to previous checkpoints all the time. Data lifecycle in genome study in a clinical trial is a good example.

"Atgenomix SeqsLab enterprise-ready cluster computing delivers accelerated performance with multiple orders of magnitude in whole genome and exome analysis. Integrating with AccelStor NeoSapphire high-performance parallel storage further increases 3x acceleration in data processing. Together we can bring to our customers one complete, reliable, scalable genomics informatics platform with unmatched performance," said Allen Chang, CEO, Atgenomix.

Luc Yu, GM, AccelStor USA, said: "Storage performance and IT infrastructure has become a clear competitive advantage to enterprises and organizer's business model. AccelStor promises to revolutionize HPC storage solution across myriad industries. With AccelStor NeoSapphire series, enterprise and scientists will be able to rapidly deliver the research result, maximize the amount of data processed and enable customer to find greater insights."