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Object Matrix Implemented Transatlantic Storage for Spanish Mediapro

Through Unitecnic
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.12.05

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Spanish content provider, Mediapro Group, has implemented MatrixStore, a digital content governance and object storage platform from Object Matrix Ltd to improve efficiency and collaboration.

Tasked with delivering 12 channels, as well as live coverage of La Liga football, Mediapro turned to Servicios Integrales Unitecnic, S.L. (Unitechnic) to help unite its offices to introduce efficiencies. Unitechnic implemented MatrixStore, which keeps content secure whilst ensuring well-defined access controls, audit trails, and BC. Crucially for Mediapro, MatrixStore means that people in disperse locations can have instant access to the same content, even across the Atlantic. 

"We are extremely confident in our new object storage system provided by Object Matrix. We identified that we needed to consolidate our various legacy storage pools into a more robust and scalable unified platform. Managing multiple silos of storage not only takes time and resource but also makes finding and accessing content very difficult. MatrixStore has allowed us to overcome our previous infrastructure challenges and also enable us to audit access and operations on data that was not possible before. This is our first phase of implementing a Digital Content Governance platform with Object Matrix, and we look forward to continuing to work with them," commented Xavi Verd, CTO and head of Barcelona's Office, Unitecnic, the integration arm of the Mediapro group.

Unitechnic, European Object Matrix reseller with certified engineers, worked closely with IVORY Business Development, the representative for Object Matrix in Spain. IVORY has extensive knowledge and understanding of both the product and of media workflows, and was able to help with the qualification process, whilst also being on hand throughout Unitechnic’s commissioning.

MatrixStore is a digital content governance and object storage solution platform that provides its customers with intelligent workflows that can securely store, audit and track content. It fits into Mediapro’s multiple workflows, offers efficiency and expansion as needs grow.

"As the media industry evolves, content providers are challenged with increasingly complex and global workflows," added Nick Pearce-Tomenius, sales and marketing director, Object Matrix. "Our solutions aim to reduce some of that complexity and enable simple and efficient global collaboration."

In this initial phase, MatrixStore has been integrated for its entire production storage and will also become the parking area for the playout department to improve overall security of media as well as enhanced collaboration between departments. The next phase will see the Mediapro US and European facilities connect, leveraging the native replication function inside MatrixStore for business continuity projects.