M1Cloud Fom Russian Company Stack Group

Based on server hardware and storage systems from HPE with virtualization from VMware
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.12.05

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Stack Group presented M1Cloud to Russian and foreign companies as a hub for access to advanced IT developments from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2017, an industry event in Madrid, Spain from November 28 through November 30.

Stack Group became the only service provider from Russia that on an annual basis takes part in Discover, the event where the vendors present their products and solutions to 15 thousands IT experts from around the world.

M1Cloud is based on server hardware and storage systems from HPE with the use of virtualization products from VMware, Inc. The protected circuit created in accordance with the Russian legislation is based on the specialized equipment of the company Kod Bezopasnosti (Security Code). One may scale and control M1Cloud computing capacities by means of the fully functional and easy AutoMate self-management service, a Stack Group software product.

"Practically all companies update their own equipment stock no more than once in 5 years, and they cannot afford to introduce innovative products by way of changing the configuration of the entire IT infrastructure. Stack Group, being a professional service provider, is continuously modernizing and introducing the latest developments from the leading vendors which makes it easier for business to get access to these technologies. Placing their information systems in a highly reliable M1Cloud of enterprise, the companies get access to modern developments, which allow them to use computing resources more economically and effectively, getting competitive advantages in the market," commented Aleksey Danilyants, CEO, Stack Group.

M1Cloud has connectivity at the level of data centers in Russia and abroad, which allows the Russian and foreign geographically distributed companies to effectively place IT infrastructure simultaneously in several regions of the world for acceleration of business processes.

Stack Group provides reliable IT infrastructure of corporate class in Russia and abroad - M1Cloud based on two data processing centers in Russia (including its own data center - M1) and in Frankfurt, Germany.

High reliability of infrastructure and availability at the level of 99.982% is confirmed by tier-3 Certification of Design. Stack Group obtained the Certificate of compliance with information security requirements for SIS (K-1) and PDIS (UZ-1) that demonstrates compliance with the requirements imposed on secure environment by Orders of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control No. 17 dated February 11, 2013, and No. 21 dated February 18, 2013. Stack Group received from partner status from VMware - Premier Service Provider under vCloud Air Network Program (VSPP) that bears witness to one of the leading positions in the IaaS market.

Under the partnership agreement with Equinix, Inc. international company, Stack Group is an integrated 'entry point' in Russia and the CIS that complies with any request for the creation and development of infrastructure in 145 Equinix data centers around the world. It provides access to global services through Equinix Cloud Exchange platform for organization of reliable communication channels in few minutes with over 500 cloud providers.