WANdisco Fusion Integrates With AWS Snowball

To deliver hybrid cloud solution
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.12.04

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WANdisco, Inc., in active data replication, announced its patented technology, WANdisco Fusion, is integrated with AWS Snowball.

With customers can use the bulk transfer capabilities of AWS Snowball to transfer static and changing information from big data applications to S3 with guaranteed data consistency. This avoids the downtime and cost usually involved in bulk data transfer over the network.

Other benefits include: 

  • Efficiency: AWS customers can take advantage of efficient bulk data transfer with AWS Snowball to minimize network costs, transfer times and security concerns for data transfer over the network.
  • No downtime and no business disruption: Cloud ad on-premises applications continue to operate normally and without disruption against the S3 API while AWS Snowball is in transit.
  • Data consistency: Using Fusion for AWS Snowball allows applications to use the S3 API to write data to a local S3 endpoint while transferring data with guaranteed consistency to S3 in the cloud using a combination of AWS Snowball devices and network connectivity.

David Richards, co-founder and CEO, WANdisco, said: "By using WANdisco Fusion for AWS Snowball, customers can get large quantities of data to the cloud at not only a faster rate and for less money than if they were transferring data over the network, but also with the unique benefits of consistent, coordinated replication. This enables a truly hybrid cloud to be created with no downtime and no business disruption.