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New Cloudtenna Offering for Online File Sharing

With integrated machine learning

Founded in 2012 in Sunnyvale, CA, by Aaron Ganek, CEO, Bryan Pham, CTO, and Tan Nhu, Cloudtenna develops intelligent file access solutions – synchronization, share, transfer and collaboration – for online corporate data. The company resides in fact in the Plug and Play Center in Sunnyvale.

Bryan Pham spent some time at Zecter who built ZumoDrive and then worked at Oxygen Cloud with Aaron Ganek. Tan Nhu left the company in 2016, spent some time at Quantcast and then co-founded Harness. Six employees are registered on LinkedIn including Peter O’Brien who was appointed VP business development to accelerate indirect partner penetration.

Cloudtenna develops DirectShare with machine learning techniques to offer intelligent search. The product builds data, user and corporate policy graphs to provide this intelligent search, audit and governance functions relying on Apache Spark for real-time data modeling.

The product has also the capability to boost the transfer of large files by 10x thanks to its core software engine Direct Collaboration File Share (DirectCFS).

Cloudtenna leverages its expertise in metadata management with cloud capabilities to boost content access with the best route to data. In fact, only metadata are uploaded in the cloud, what we call an ‘out-of-band’ approach. Enterprises keep control of data as they reside within the corporate perimeter. It reminds what Maginatics offered in the past before the company got acquired by EMC in 2014.

DirectShare also integrates collaboration tools with third-party content creation and editing solutions, facilitating a centralized file activity on one platform.

In a few words, DirectShare transforms your on-premises file server – Windows for instance – to a cloud-aware file service.

The company has signed a partner agreement with NetApp, Nutanix and Microsoft. NetApp and Cloudtenna collaborate for co-development in intelligent file sharing hardware and software. With Microsoft, the collaboration targets Office365 to avoid transfer data to the cloud. On Nutanix, it enriches its file repositories with augmented intelligence to improve file access user experience. Nimble Storage (HPE) is among the list of clients.