System Integrator HPC Systems Distributor of Nyriad From New Zealand

In Japan
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.11.22

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Exascale computing company Nyriad Limited named HPC Systems, Inc. as distribution partner for NSULATE, to enable GPU-based storage solutions in Japan.

The distributor is a system integrator of HPC. It has established itself as a technology and performance company and is now expanding its product offering to include GPU-accelerated storage solutions.

NSULATE software enables GPUs to function as storage controllers, replacing RAID controllers and enabling fast, extremely resilient, low power HPC storage solutions.

HPC Systems president Teppei Ono said: "For years we have had to deal with the problems and limitations of RAID. Now we don't have to make a tradeoff between performance, integrity, and cost. With NSULATE we can have all three, by swapping the RAID card for a GPU."

NSULATE enables a GPU to accelerate storage processing, providing functions traditionally performed by CPUs and RAID controllers at high speeds in GPU memory, performing cryptographic checksums and high-parity erasure coding, enabling instant recovery from hundreds of simultaneous device failures, which is key for exascale storage.

Nyriad CEO and co-founder Matthew Simmons stated: "We are thrilled to have HPC Systems as our distribution partner in Japan. They are respected leaders in the field, so it was a logical choice for us."