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LG Consolidates IT Infrastructure With Syneto Hyper Series 3100 Hyperconverged Platform

With built-in DR capabilities

Syneto S.R.L, a hyperconverged infrastructure vendor, announced that it has consolidated the IT infrastructure of LG Electronics Italia, part of worldwide brand and provider of flat panel TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators LG Electronics.

The IT deployment, consisting of a HYPER Series 3100 all-in-one hyperconverged platform with built-in DR capabilities, has reduced admin time by five hours per week from 21 hours, and lowered RTO from 21 hours to under 15 minutes.

Gianni Velardi, senior IT manager, LG Electronics Italy, and his team were looking for an affordable solution that would provide ease of use as well as DR capabilities. The team needed to have control of and insight into applications, files and video surveillance data. After researching the market, Velardi’s team was underwhelmed with the available products, and found that none satisfied all of their criteria, also including a built-in DR function, complete 24/7 data protection and the lowest possible DR RTO possible.

After identifying HYPER Series 3100 all-in-one array, LG Electronics Italy approached Syneto to find out more about the company and its hyperconverged technology. It found that the HYPER Series 3100 met its strict criteria, being able to host all applications and store all the company’s files simultaneously at a highly competitive price. Furthermore, while LG Electronics Italy’s previous IT infrastructure, composed of three obsolete traditional servers without DR capabilities, was unable to generate detailed reports, Syneto’s system offered an integrated analytics feature, which the team found appealing.

Syneto’s hyperconverged platform has helped cut the time we spend managing our IT infrastructure by five hours a week while providing complete data protection with granular data recovery policies. An RTO of 15mn is now also possible, and it is a fantastic improvement, given that our previous RTO was over 21 hours,” said Velardi.

Since the Syneto deployment, the LG Electronics Italy IT team has been able to optimise its infrastructure by carrying out detailed performance analysis to determine how additional workloads would impact performance. The team spends far less time on IT administration, and instead is able to focus on innovating and delivering value to the business.

LG Electronics Italy, like many companies of different sizes, was looking for an all-in-one hyperconverged solution with built-in and highly reliable DR capabilities at an affordable price. Added to that, the ease of use we are able to offer our ROBO and SMB customers is unmatched in the storage market today,” said Vadim Comanescu, CEO Syneto.