Infortend EonStor GS 5000 Series

Features four 8-core Xeon E5 processors, random read of 700,000 IO/s and sequential read of 22GB/s
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.11.14

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Infortrend Technology, Inc. announced its EonStor GS family GS 5000 series.

Featuring new hardware architecture with higher computing power and multiple host boards for excellent connectivity, it offers performance, storage expandability, and connection flexibility, making it the device to simultaneously run multiple applications or for mission critical applications such as high resolution video streaming.

The EonStor GS 5000 features four 8-core Xeon E5 processors, enabling a random read of 700,000 IO/s and sequential read of 22GB/s. With four sets of expansion boards it can support up to 1,680 drives in a single system, and 64 host ports support multiple protocols so that storage protocols can be changed according to different needs of data centers. All these features stacked in one device can lower the TCO, while also reducing the cost and complexity for storage environment deployment.

As a cloud-integrated unified storage, EonStor GS 5000 series also includes complete cloud gateway features, consolidating NAS, SAN, and cloud gateway storage into one single system to meet all storage requirements. It is especially important now that public cloud storage costs have dropped to satisfy more enterprises. Furthermore, its various storage features such as SSD Cache and Automated Storage Tiering increase overall access performance to achieve a balance between budget and performance.

"We have launched the flagship EonStor GS 5000 series to meet the ever-increasing demands of today's storage. With high top-class performance, flexibility, and connectivity, this product can be seen as an Infortrend storage milestone for critical applications of enterprises," said Thomas Kao, senior director, product planning, Infortrend.

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