Infinitely Virtual Deployed NetApp All Flash FAS and Hybrid systems

IaaS company begins transition in Los Angeles Data Center, with Boston to follow.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.11.14

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In a strategic next-gen overhaul of its storage infrastructure, cloud service provider Infinitely Virtual introduced NetApp, Inc. systems that feature four tiers of storage, combining performance with affordability.

The company has completed deployment of NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) and hybrid systems in its Los Angeles data center, with installation scheduled for early 2018 in its Boston facility. NetApp addresses enterprise storage requirements with performance, flexibility best data management.

When the NetApp infrastructure is deployed, Infinitely Virtual will offer four storage tiers - all flash, flash-enabled, spinning disk and archive-quality storage - enabling customers to match their hosting system to their budget.

"To keep our promise to customers to provide the world's most advanced hosting environment, modernization is a constant at Infinitely Virtual," said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual. "We believe it's incumbent on us to ensure that users benefit from the most effective solutions on the market. After an exhaustive examination of storage offerings in the space, we've made our choice. NetApp is new and better technology, across the board. In terms of its capabilities - whether it's speed, scalability, security or support - nothing comes close.

"With NetApp, we maintain the ability to restore data nearly instantaneously while delivering industry-leading performance, deep application integration and peerless customer support," he said. "For an IaaS provider like us, scaling out and up is absolutely vital to meeting customer requirements."

As SMBs strive for faster time-to-market and greater customer satisfaction, improving the speed and responsiveness from key business operations is fundamental. All-flash and flash-enabled storage solutions deliver measurable benefits to critical workloads.

Built on ONTAP data management software, AFF systems expedite business without compromising on the efficiency, reliability or flexibility of IT operations. As an enterprise-grade all-flash array, it accelerates, manages, and protects business-critical data and enables a risk-free transition to flash for the data center.

AFF achieves high I/O at consistent low latency. And it does so without compromising on core enterprise requirements, such as data management, efficient data protection, and flexibility to respond to changing needs.

At up to 7 million IO/s per cluster with sub-millisecond latency, AFF systems are fast all-flash arrays built on an unified scale-out architecture. The AFF A series enables customers to complete twice the work at half the latency as compared with the previous generation of AFF systems. Providing both 40GbE and 32Gb FC connectivity, the systems eliminate the bandwidth bottlenecks that are increasingly moved to network from storage as flash gets faster.

As an all-flash array to support 15TB SSDs, AFF systems, with the introduction of the A series, also become the first to use MSW SSDs, which further increase the usable capacity of SSDs.